Endless Launches Linux Games for Kids To Help Them in Learning Coding
Endless Launches Linux Games for Kids To Help Them in Learning Coding

Endless who made Endless OS has launched its Endless Studios and The Third Terminal. Endless has launched its first group of games based on Linux to teach kids coding. These games are Dragons Apprentice, Tank Warriors, The Passage, Aqueducts, Frog Squash, and Midnightmare Teddy.

You can check out these games on TheThirdTerminal site. The company is trying to help the eight years aged kids get familiar with programming. And the games are designed in such a way that it will be easy for kids to learn coding and hacking when playing. This can be proved by the statement by Matt Dalio who is the founder of Endless and the given statement is, “After realizing that so many engineers got their start by hacking games, we decided to build our own games with hacking as a core mechanic”.

Endless Studios games are built on Linux OS equipped with Unity Game engine. These games are designed to bring curiosity in young programs/coders/hackers and boost their performance in coding.

When coming to Midnightmare Teddy gameplay, the gaming involves putting you in a dream world where all the toys come alive and start chasing you. You can defend these chasing toys by switching to the Math Mode and using your math skills to fight back against the evil toys.

Frog Squash gameplay is simple. You just need to dodge arrows, saws, and fireballs by playing with javascript codes and code blocks. The Passage game involves finding a map to locate a bunker in a mysterious planet. You have to bypass perilous lands and obstacles by coding. The gameplay of other games also aims at providing knowledge in coding and hacking.

Endless is growing as it is moving beyond its Endless OS and now focusing on to bring coding education to the United States through Endless OS, games and Endless Studios.

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