Essential Phone
Essential Phone

The Essential PH1 Not Charging issue is nothing to worry about as there are some steps we can take in order fix it. There are a couple of things we can do to fix the Essential PH1 Not Charging problem which we will be listing and explaining in this article.

Essential PH1 not charging

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Essential PH1 Not Charging (Solved)

Reset Your Device

We have to make sure this isn’t a software problem before blaming the hardware. Unfortunately, the only way to know if it isn’t a software problem is to factory reset the phone. Makes sure your device is backed up before commencing this process. To factory reset your phone, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your Essential PH1 Smartphone is Turned Off.
  • Press and Hold the Volume Up Button, Home Button and Power Button Simultaneously. Once you see the Essential Logo then let go of all the buttons. If done right, you should be in the Recovery Mode.

  • Using The Volume Up and Volume down buttons, Navigate to Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Select it using the Power Button.

  • Select Yes and after it is done, Your device will Reboot.

Try Charging it and see if it works. If it doesn’t then it is definitely not a software problem. Move on to the next one.

Cleaned Your Charging Port Yet?

If you’ve been using your device for a while now chances are that dust and some other small particles might be in your Charging port. These particles might be what is obstructing the flow of electricity from your charger to your Smartphone. So if you haven’t already, try to clean your charging port and push out the particles if any. Preferably with a small needle wrapped with a little cotton wool.

This should probably fix your Essential PH1 Not Charging issue. But If it doesn’t, then continue reading.

Try Another USB Cable

Funny as it sounds it might be that your device just isn’t compatible with the cable you are trying to charge it with. So just to be absolutely sure that it isn’t the cable malfunctioning or the phone rejecting the cable, try up to 5 different cables if possible.

If the device still isn’t charging then there is only more thing to do.

Take It To An Authorized Technician

The only possibly remaining cause for your Essential PH1 Smartphone not charging should be a damaged Charging port. Taking it to an authorized and trust phone technician should be your next move as they are in the best position to diagnose the problem and Fix it for you.

Of course, this will cost money, but it is better and cheaper than the cost of replacing the phone altogether.


This is a minor issue and should be resolved with any of the above steps. If you need any further help with the steps above or you don’t fully understand any of the steps above, do not hesitate to leave a comment and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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