When one door closes, God opens another. Finally, The Etisalat BIS plan now rocks flawlessly on all Android phones with awesome speed. This post is a little bit late because I wanted to thoroughly confirm it working before publishing. I have decided to share this tweak with you people after testing and confirming it working well without changing IMEI.

Etisalat BIS

Etisalat BIS plan for Androids is the best alternative that is even faster than the MTN in download and upload. Now you have variety choice, you can choose any one you like between the daily, weekly or monthly BB plan that suite you.

Before utilizing this tweak on your Android phone, you need to do a little configuration on the phone first. Setting up this tweak is very easy on all Android smartphones with the help of some apps like: Psiphon, syphon, Pronet or any other VPN for free browsing setup. All you need to do is follow the bellow guide carefully and you will get it.

This tweak has been tested and confirmed working well with Psiphon application and this guide will be focused on only Psiphon and Tweakware configuration. However, you can still apply same setting to other VPN app like Tweakware, syphon and Pronet.


=> Psiphon VPN (Download it HERE)
=> Moded Tweakware (Download Tweakware Mod HERE)
=> A 3G internet enabled Android phone
=> Subscription to any Etisalat BB plan

How To Subscribe To Etisalat BIS

  1. For daily plan, dial *599*2*2# or text DLITE to 399 – N70
  2. For Weekly plan, dial *599*2*1# or text WLITE to 399 – N350
  3. For Monthly plan, dial *599*2# or text MLITE to 399 – N1000


Mobile Network settings

  • APN: Blackberryx.net
  • Leave the Proxy, port, username and password field empty

Click Here to Download Psiphon Pro Lite

Psiphon Settings to enable the BIS Tweak

  • Tick the “remove port” box
  • Proxy Type: Real host
  • Proxy Server: blackberryid.blackberry.com
  • Real Proxy Type: HTTP
  • Real Proxy server:
  • Real Proxy Port: 80
  • …Save…
  • Tick Tunnel whole device and accept
  • Now swipe to options and select United States as region
  • Connect…

Tweakware Mod Settings to enable the BIS Tweak

  • Switch to Logs then Click on Handler Menu. Its will request for Tweakware childlock code then input= cdce.imishiro.032990
  • After unlocking, use Real Host as proxy type and then clear the click.php in the proxy server and replace with blackberryid.blackberry.com
  • Click on Save
  • Go to SETTINGS and untick
  • Connect through Http Proxy
  • Then go back to HOME and click on CONNECT

Start surfing and enjoy your usual unlimited downloading/Streaming!

NOTE: The weekly and monthly plan is capped at same 6GB.

Start surfing and enjoy your usual unlimited downloading/Streaming! However, if you are still in doubt, I advise that you try out the daily plan first to confirm before going for the weekly or monthly plan.


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