euro to naira exchange rate in black market
euro to naira exchange rate in black market


Still on the foreign exchange rate enlightening scheme, here we are again. The scheme was concocted for readers, guests and others to provide an update on the present situation and rate of the country’s native currency against foreign currencies. In that sense, this particular write-up aims at providing information on the Black Market EURO to NAIRA Exchange Rate today.

The value of the EURO (€) is at a figure that it hasn’t been against the Naira ever not until about 16 months ago.

Quickly, I would run through the reasons for the decline of the Naira against the EURO (€) in the consequent paragraphs.

Really, you don’t need a Banker to explain to you the reasons behind the currency fall; neither do you need an Economist. The daily doings and activities of you and I as well as some government officials are factors running the value of the used-to-be valued Naira down the drain.

Fall in Global Oil prices, high dependency on imported goods, currency hoarding activities by Bureau de Change operators, ineffective and inefficient Government policies, little exportation activities, lack of manufacturing will and zeal etc. are some of the reasons why the Naira is in such dilapidated state. Luckily, the Naira has even tasted some improvement as it has risen significantly to some extent lately.

The figures below show the Black market EURO to Naira exchange rate today (July 2018).

  • N412 – to buy €1
  • N417 – to sell €1

CBN EURO to Naira Rate Today (July 2018).

  • N355/€

What this simply means is that Black-market operators would buy your EURO (if you have any to sell) at the rate of N412 per EURO.

On the other hand, if you have some needs that require the EURO, Black market operators will fulfill your needs as long as you pay them N417 for each EURO you need. No hassles.


Date                                                                                   Naira Per EUR

SEPT                                                                                  N348 – N351

AUG                                                                                    N356 – N347

JULY                                                                                   N314 – N355

JUNE                                                                                  N222 – N312

MAY                                                                                    N227 – N221

APRIL                                                                                 N226 – N227

Stay glued to this platform for time-to-time news and updates on Black Market EURO to NAIRA Exchange rates.

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