Evleaks: "I've never been prosecuted by a manufacturer"


Evan Blass is better known on the Net as Evleaks, the former author of Pocketnow has been known for years as just the smartphone-leaker par excellence. In an interview, Evleaks talked a bit about his career and other things that interested the Phonearena colleagues.

Evleaks had never consciously decided to become a "Leaker". Instead, everything started offside and developed unplanned. Although Evleaks has unveiled an extremely large number of devices in the last few years, no manufacturer has been prosecuted to this day. He was never offered any money to keep track of leaks.

Many leaks today are usually based on good research. Gladly Evleaks remembers a coincidence. When everyone counted for an iPhone 5, he found the right photo at Flickr. Shot with the as yet unknown iPhone 4S, "geotagged" in the middle of the campus in the Cupertino HQ Apple.

There are controlled leaks

Evleaks confirms this, but it is extremely rare. Larger or better-known manufacturers dispense with such methods. Not very long and rarely have manufacturers tried to prevent leaks. A few years ago, as a publisher, you also got frequent emails about taking articles with leaks off the internet. Today, that does not happen anymore.

So I believe that manufacturers may not necessarily control leaks, but they do not necessarily demonize them. Surprisingly, new devices can only rarely be found today, but due to many leaks, they are regularly in the press at least long before the market launch.

Evleaks belongs to a very well-known trio who are more likely to reveal new devices long before the market launch. Next, to him, Roland Quandt and OnLeaks stand out regularly.

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