Lenovo foldable smartphone and tablet concept first look 15 1340x754
Lenovo foldable smartphone and tablet concept first look 15 1340x754

You may not need to fold your phone if it could just fit snugly into your wrist. That’s what smartphone companies are trying to do now. They want us to wear our phones just like watches. Interested anyone? Then read on…

The foldable smartphone production battle is heating up. Each major tech companies is thinking about being the first to herald in a notable innovation. In this area of foldable smartphones, Lenovo wants to take the lead. The company has already released a video hinting at its interest of dropping a flagship foldable smartphone soon.

In the brief video which portrayed the foldable smartphone, a bendable CPlus Lenovo model was seen. It is a device that can roll around your wrist. It really looked amazing.

The story of Lenovo bendable smartphone has been a concept known to the public since 2016. The concept took form at the Lenovo Tech World Conference and right after that, the information about a bendable smartphone died down from the stable of Lenovo.

Now in 2018, the news of Lenovo’s first; and world’s first probable foldable smartphone is back. In the latest video, which Lenovo staff posted on their Weibo page, the video was captioned with words that emphasized that the management is ‘just so terribly good’. Then the writer implied that it’s time for Lenovo to show off, hinting that fans should expect the new foldable smartphone in October, 2018. With the way it is, it looks as if Lenovo may prefer to release its first foldable smartphone in China.

We cannot tell if the smartphone will be up for sale immediately in the month of October 2018, or it will be first up for pre-sale.

As runners-up, so-to-speak, Samsung said in an interview that its own flip-phone style smartphone Galaxy X will berth in December 2018. We wait to see which of these two very innovative devices will catch the most attention from fans. Other smartphone companies that may tow the line of foldable smartphones are LG, Huawei, and Motorola. The foldable smartphone story may mean folding like a wrist watch on a wrist or folding like a book.

This new video highlight shows that Lenovo CPlus will be a tall handset with large bezels both at the top and at the bottom. The display and chassis will be foldable. It may fold at the hinge and bend outwards and wrap around the wrist, doubling up as a smartwatch. Once folded, the user interface will change, adjusting to the fold.

The video showed some black spots around the display edge, but ultimately, this could be a prototype unit.

However, of more interest to us is that Lenovo CPlus is said to be one that will offer fitness capabilities, suggest new software, and also present some other new notifications. Once the smartphone is folded, the app drawer will be pushed to the top and replaced by fitness-related features such as step count, calories burnt, and distance covered by the user. Thrilling indeed!

Are we sure that Lenovo CPlus will definitely be launched in October 2018? The answer is no. Though we no longer see the device as a mere concept as it was two years ago, we know now that it is a real product in 2018. The company itself has hinted that it may come as early as this month of October.

Fans are waiting all over the world for this new smartphone innovation.

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