Exynos VS Snapdragon
Exynos VS Snapdragon

Many people have been wondering if at all there is any difference between the Exynos and Snapdragon. Well, as you already know, both phones are chipset found on the Android operating system. The Exynos is developed and manufactured by Samsung Electronic which they use mostly on their flagship smartphones, while the Snapdragon is manufactured by Qualcomm Incorporated which is owned by an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company. The Snapdragon is used on many Android phones while the Exynos is only found on Samsung smartphones.

Samsung sometimes uses to launch the same phone with the separate chipset. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available in Exynos 9810 Octa and Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 chipset which is for USA and China version. Among the two which one do you think will perform better over another and why did Samsung introduce the separate chipset for different market and carriers? Below, we will be looking at the comparison between the Exynos and Snapdragon chip.

Exynos VS Snapdragon: Which One is More Faster

In terms of performance, Samsung has worked so hard to keep the Exynos CPU smooth and faster. So the Exynos will offer an improved CPU performance, while the Snapdragon is taking the lead on GPU. The bitter truth is that you can’t eat your egg and have it back, in the sense that, you can’t buy Exynos and try to import Snapdragon one just to improve the GPU. Because you will lose 4G LTE network and you won’t have access to Samsung Pay and there won’t be any warranty. Apart from that, you will not be able to use WiFi nor VoLTE calling anymore.

So before you buy any of the phones, it’s important to make up your mind, annalize what you want and go for the phone that will suit your needs. The Exynos also has a monthly patch that fixed any problems while the Snapdragon sometimes slows down during the update. On the camera department, the Exynos will perform better in that area while on the gaming aspect, the Snapdragon has no match. The phone has a promising GPU that will deliver a clear and sharp gaming experience you need.

Final Words

From the comments we have so far on popular Android forums, the Exynos scored higher than the Snapdragon on Atutu benchmark. Although all these things do not really matter at all, however, it also gives a sense of what we are trying to get. That is the Exynos is built by Samsung, so it’s natural for the chipset to be well optimized to runs preloaded Apps smoothly and to also support in brightening up any photos taken with the device.
The Exynos will surely be the best option if you want to choose between two phones from Samsung.

As for the Snapdragon chipset, it has been there all this while and it’s used to build many phones. Even the new Google Pixel phones sport a Snapdragon chipset and they are performing extremely fast in handling Apps and sensitive 3D games. So on the overall, both the Exynos and the Snapdragon chipset are good on what they do. That is they have an edge over another. The Exynos has an edge on the CPU, while the Snapdragon has an edge on the GPU.

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