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IMG 20180726 222535

EZCast HDMi Dongle is a universal USB Display Adapter for screen mirroring from mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) and laptops (Windows, macOS) to your TV. With this, you can literally turn your HDTV into a smart TV in a matter of seconds. It boasts of 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless antenna which offers you the best wireless display experience at a cheap rate. Miracast is supported by a lot of devices, especially latest ones. It’s a protocol that allows you mirror your device’s screen to your TV.

EZCast HDMi Dongle

EZCast also supports AirPlay Screen Mirroring feature on iOS devices. You can go ahead and download the EZCast app to do a lot of things like extending the screen function to enlarge your desktop and get more screen space. If you’re an avid mobile gamer, you can use this to re-live your favourite gaming experience on the big screen.

EZCast HDMi Dongle Features

EZCast HDMi Dongle

This universal wireless display receiver is powered by dual-core processor, it supports dual decoder and and dual Band concurrent AP-router and P2P connection. The chip underneath also supports dual band Wi-Fi 802ac for better media streaming experience.

It also supports so many wireless display technologies like Airplay, MiraCast and DLNA. This means you can easily mirror from your iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices. You can also use the app to expand your screen mirroring capabilities.

How To Connect EZCast HDMi Dongle To Phone and Mirror To TV

EZCast HDMi Dongle

Connecting your EZCast HDMi Dongle is hassle free and very easy to do as well. To connect to phone and mirror to TV, simply follow the steps below.

• Connect the dongle to the HDMI port on your HDTV

• Power it on with an external USB power source.

• Connect to the dongle’s Wi-Fi network.

• You can now use the Screen Mirroring function (popularly called Miracast) to start sharing your screen to the HDTV.

• That’s it, everything on your mobile device should appear on your TV in real-time.

Types of EZCast HDMi Dongle

There are several types of EZCast HDMi dongles depending on what you want. The first version VMD-EZ151, was introduced in August 2013 by Visonicom. They are all simple to operate, weighs less and low power consumption under 2w. They can be differentiated into two categories, the ones with 2K video compatibility and 4K video compatibility.

1. EZCast 2

EZCast HDMi Dongle

This can easily transfer or mirror 1080P (2K) videos to your TV or Projector. It’s also very cheap compared to 4K versions, it has a starting price of $39.99.

2. EZCast4K

EZCast HDMi Dongle

This streams 4K media content to your UHD TV (your TV must support 4K videos to receive the 4K videos from your mobile device). It supports 802.11ac 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands for amazing signal integrity and bliss mirroring. However, it has a starting price of $69.99.


The EZCast HDMi Dongle was designed to mirror whatever you love on your mobile device to your bigger TV for a more bigger and better viewing pleasure. Have you used it before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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