The social network giant, Facebook has completed another corporate acquisition, incorporating the London-based company Bloomsbury IA, a company engaged in artificial intelligence and specialized in the development of natural language. The goal of Facebook is to improve the IA protocols by making the platform able to understand images, video, and text, both to improve automatic moderation and to offer new and future features.

The confirmation comes through an official post on the Facebook page Academics, which confirms the efforts made in improving the understanding of natural language and all related applications. At the moment it is not clear where Bloomsbury will be inserted in Facebook, the London company has previously opened a company called Factmata, with the precise aim of designing a system to recognize and eliminate false information.

Until now, the Bloomsbury IA company has focused mainly on developing a system for reading and understanding unstructured documents in natural language with the aim of being able to answer any question. It is therefore easy to understand how this technology could be useful to Facebook in the management of the huge amount of content uploaded daily by users.


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