Facebook has deleted more than 1.5 million videos of the murder in New Zealand


In less than 24 hours, Facebook blocked more than 1.5 million videos with scenes from the tragedy in New Zealand, about 1.2 million of those were blocked during upload.

Even videos that cut scenes with more violent scenes were removed in respect to relatives and people affected by the incident.

The action of the social network to ban related content is an attempt to mitigate the effects of the video that started all this, the sniper's live broadcast on Facebook itself. In response to Facebook comments on Twitter's network profile, some users questioned the effectiveness of this action.

One of them even asks "to begin with, how a live video of mass murder was broadcast live on the platform?". Other comments continue to say that the deletion was too late and that the content is already all over the internet.

The death toll rose to 50 on Sunday and there are still people seriously injured in the hospital.

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