Facebook on iphone
Facebook on iphone

Facebook has announced a new feature called Why do I see this post? That will allow you to see information on why a specific post appeared in news feeds within the app. The new option was announced on Sunday and is an expansion of an existing feature that Facebook already provides for ads. Besides understanding why a post has appeared, it will also give you control over how often you see similar posts in the future.

The new option can be accessed using the drop-down menu at the top right of the post. Once opened. the search could include the number of times you have interacted with the author of the post in the past, the types of posts you tend to interact with (such as photos or videos) and the general popularity of the post itself.

How the new tool “Why do I see this announcement?”

The new function will also give the possibility to use new shortcuts. These include the View first and Hide options, as well as the link to the news feed preferences. 
The “Why do I see this announcement?” The feature will now also show if the email address was used in a mailing list.

Facebook already provides basic information on how its ads are directed to the user, for example, telling if an advertiser has chosen to show people with similar ages and interests. Now you will see more details, for example, if the advertiser has uploaded a mailing list with the email address of the user inside.

The News Feed on Facebook should then start to be more transparent, in order to regain the trust of its users. The changes are starting as of this week and should be available to all users by mid-May.

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