Facebook Is Working on To Bring “Screen Sharing” Feature To Messenger

Facebook Is Working on To Bring Screen Sharing Feature To Messenger

The social media giant, Facebook is trying to make Messenger a way better-messaging app when compared to others by adding more and more features to it. The company is looking forward to introducing unique features in its Messenger app so that the people could fix it and use it as their primary form of communication.

Recently, a new featured labeled as “Share Your Screen Together” was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong who is very much interested in reverse-engineering. She finds this in Messenger’s app code. Facebook has provided an option on the Audio/Video call screen through which you can try out the latest screen sharing feature.

Jane Manchun wong who tried out this feature on her phone found that the camera gets turned off when the Screen Share feature is enabled and the users in the chat are allowed to see the content which being actively displayed on the user’s screen. It is to be noted that this feature will function only when the user grants the required permissions when asked.

However, Facebook has not said anything related to this feature. We are not also sure when Facebook is going to release this feature for the public. For now, this feature will have limited functions.

It might be that Facebook has added the new screen sharing feature to Messenger to present it an alternative to Skype. It is so because Skype already supports screen mirroring on smartphones.

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