Lasso to the rescue! With tough competition from WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat, and other social media sites, Facebook is slowly losing its hold on young people. Of course, you will also agree that the social media platform is not much of a hit with teenagers these days.

Maybe it is not just attractive or cool enough with parents and grandparents getting on board Facebook these days. But thanks to Lasso, a new video and music sharing app all that can change and become more interesting. Will this app win back some of the lost teens? Maybe.

Notably enough, Lasso is not much of a difference from TikTok, another up and coming app that is catching the attention of teens nowadays. Both Lasso and TikTok primarily focus on sharing short video clips and popular music tracks with small groups of friends. To spice things up, Lasso comes packed with camera and filter effects that teenagers can play around with.

Lasso is the go-to app that makes it easy for anyone to create and share short videos with fun filters and effects. As a user, you can follow creators, search hashtags, find popular viral video trends and join in by adding your thoughts to the trends.

Lasso creates the new lifestyle that Facebook needs to recapture lost fans. Of course, the social media website has a long history of launching new app and trying to associate with whatever is the popular thing among teens at any particular time. Do you remember Lifestage, or Facebook Rooms? With time, creations like these end up being ignored by young people. The result is that majority of users simply ignore them after some time.

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At times when Facebook finds its authority waning, and it sees that fans start to leave, it simply buys the competition. It has done it with TBH, an anonymous commenting app that became popular with teens before Facebook bought it and promptly shut it down. There have also been others that were bought and some of these are Instagram and WhatsApp. These were the real big money purchases.

No one knows how Lasso will fare when Facebook starts to use it. For the time being, Android and iOS users in the US can download the app.


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