Facebook Messenger: New design already official on Android and iOS


Just over a week ago, we reported that many users (Android and iOS) were already receiving the new design update on Facebook Messenger. However, its global launch had not yet been formalized.

The company has now updated the description and photos of the app in both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. In this way, it has been confirmed that the new look will already be available to all users globally.

It was for a long time that we talked about the arrival of a real ' facelift ' for that which is one of the most used applications in the world. Certainly, this is one of the great reasons why this new design has given so much to speak.

When do you go too far with 'minimalist' designs?

Facebook Messenger now presents itself extremely clean, and with a simple design so as to make all the interaction as simple and intuitive as possible. However, all this simplicity came at a fairly high cost.

When they cleaned all the 'stuff' that was clogging the interface, they also got rid of all the color that gave life to Facebook Messenger. The end result was a 'sea of white'. It literally hurts your eyes if you open the application in a low light environment.

The only thing that will still save your eyes are even the colors present in the profile pictures of your friends. So here's a tip, turn on the 'night screen' mode before you open Facebook Messenger. That yellowish light can be annoying, but it will protect your eyes!

Finally, in addition to all these radical changes in its interface, the alleged arrival of a 'dark mode' was widely spoken. However, to date, there is no indication that you can tell us when you can arrive. It might come with the presentation of Android Q...

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