Facebook Takes on LinkedIn As It Begins Job Listing

This move by Facebook will definitely give LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other job listing site some degree of migraine.

As it is now, with various tools and updates being rolled out by the social network giant, it is becoming very glaring that Facebook doesn't only want to be a platform to connect family and friends, it also intends to be a ground where businesses, entrepreneurs and even job seekers can thrive.

On Thursday, Facebook began rolling out a new feature that allows job seekers to link up to hiring managers without ever leaving the platform. Think regarding scrolling through your news feed, texting friends and families, sharing live videos and wanting to find or apply for a job but you have to leave Facebook and know this: Facebook wants you to get apparently anything you want to get done on Facebook! Without having to leave your timeline.

24 hours before launching the feature, the company said on Wednesday that it is launching new tools this week to allow businesses in the U.S. and Canada to create job postings through their business owned Facebook Pages.

The update will enable business pages to post job listings the same way they would compose a regular status update. In addition, aside from liking, sharing, and/or commenting on job openings, users also get the option to apply for the position advertised using an inbuilt “Apply Now” button. A quick click on the button allows interested parties to fill out an application and submit it through Facebook messenger.

The all new tool from Facebook is targeted at small businesses, which according to statistics, employs about half of U.S. workers and represent an important market for Facebook's advertising business.

The new job listing feature/tool will unarguably place the social network platform in a position of stiff competition with other recruitment and jobs platform. If not now, it's only a matter of time before the prediction come to pass.

Job platforms that should tighten up their seat belt if they don't want to be second to Facebook in the job listing business include the renowned Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Monster.com among others.

The feature will, however, be available to businesses in the USA and Canada for the time being. Information on when businesses in other regions will be granted access to this feature is unknown but will be communicated accordingly.

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