FacePause App Can Pause Any GameVideo When You Dont Look At The Mobile Screen
FacePause App Can Pause Any GameVideo When You Dont Look At The Mobile Screen

We know that people hate the situation when they get distracted while watching videos or playing games and ultimately misses out on something. And then we can’t do anything except to rewind the video or restart the game to play again. This is really annoying and sometimes frustrating too.

Don’t worry, there is now a solution for it to avoid this annoying situation. A 19-year old developer named Carl Duncan has developed an app known as “Face Pause”. It is an app which automatically stops any game/video when you are not looking at the mobile screen.

Face Pause uses the built-in face detection feature to pause any activity you are doing on the phone when you are looking away from the screen and also resume it when you look back to the screen.

This app can be useful when you are playing your favorite games, watching movies/series or any videos and listening to groovy music and pause it with face recognition realtime.

facepause app

The fast app launcher is an included feature of this app which provides a launcher interface from which you can launch your favorite apps boosted directly using this app. It has also a power-saving mode which lets you to manually turn the screen on or off.

You can also control the pause using the rearview camera. You can also even specify how often the camera should check if you have turned away from the mobile screen.

Other features include ‘screen standby customization’ which lets you to the color of the screen when the screen gets paused, ‘Display Menu’ and ‘Pause cam’.

You will find this app very light on your phone as its size is just about 2.5MB. This app is really cool and works well as promised by the developer. Now you don’t need to use your finger to pause a video, just use your face to perform this activity with ease. Download this app from the play store.

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