Check Point Company revealed in the latest reports of security for new malicious software found on the Google Play store has infected about 600,000 users.

According to Check Point report, the malicious software is known as FalseGuide, developed by “Анатолий Хмеленко,” where the dangerous software comes in the form of the famous guide games such as Pokemon Go and FIFA, where more than 40 of these applications have managed to reach up to 50 thousand installs, and the total number of infected devices is estimated to reach up to 600,000 devices.

The FalseGuide software, when installed on Mobile devices request for unusual permission on installation – device admin permission. The malware uses the admin permission to avoid being deleted by the user, an action which normally suggests a malicious intention. The malware then registers itself to a Firebase Cloud Messaging topic which has the same name as the app. Once subscribed to the topic, FalseGuide can receive messages containing links to additional modules and download them to the infected device. After a long wait, we were able to receive such a module and determine that the botnet is used to display illegitimate pop-up ads out of context, using a background service that starts running once the device is booted.

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The malicious software developers can exploit your phone in profiteering by displaying ads, or get the powers of the Root on your device and make a DDoS attack or infiltration into private networks, and others.

Check Point Company notifies Google about the malicious malware and apps infected by FalseGuide software to be deleted from the Google Play store, but this malware again may appear in other applications in another form.

List of malicious apps found on Google Play

Package name App name Date Min Max
free.oosapp.infofifamobile Guide or FIFA Mobile 21.2.17 50000 100000
info.artapp.guidelegonexoknights Guide for LEGO Nexo Knights 15.2.17 10000 50000
free.oosapp.inforollingsky Guide for Rolling sky 20.2.17 5000 10000
info.artapp.guidelegocitymycity Guide for LEGO City My City 14.2.17 10000 50000
free.oosapp.infoterraria Guide for Terraria 20.2.17 10000 50000
free.oosapp.infoworldoftanksblitz Справочник для World of Tanks 20.2.17
info.artapp.guidezombietsunami Руководство для Zombie Tsunami 15.2.17
info.artapp.guidedriftzone Руководство для Drift Zone 2 22.2.17 1 5
info.artapp.guidemobilelegendsbangbang Руководство для Mobile Legends 22.2.17 1 5
info.artapp.guideinjusticegodsamongus Руководство для Injustice Gods 22.2.17 1 5
info.artapp.guideninjagoshadowofronin Руководство для Injustice Gods 22.2.17 1 5
info.artapp.guideasphaltairborne Руководство для Asphalt 8 22.2.17 1 5
free.oosapp.infocriminalcase Справочник для Criminal Case 21.2.17 1 5
free.oosapp.infonbalivemobile Справочник для NBA LIVE Mobile 21.2.17 1 5
free.oosapp.infohayday Справочник для NBA LIVE Mobile 21.2.17 1 5
free.oosapp.infosubwaysurfers Справочник для Subway Surfers 21.2.17 1 5
free.oosapp.infozombietsunami Справочник для Zombie Tsunami 21.2.17 1 5
free.oosapp.infogtasanandreas Справочник для Zombie Tsunami 20.2.17 1 5
info.artapp.guideterraria Руководство для Terraria 18.2.17 1 5
info.artapp.guidehayday Руководство для Hay Day 18.2.17 5 10
info.artapp.guideworldoftanksblitz Руководство для World of Tanks 18.2.17 1 5 Guide for Pokemon GO 1.3.17 50000 100000
guide.tipsamazingspiderman.infopro Guide Amazing Spider-Man 2 2.3.17 1000 5000 ProGuide LEGO Marvel Superhero 1.3.17 1000 5000
guide.tipsdreamleaguesoccer.infopro Guide Dream League Soccer 2.3.17 10000 50000 LEGUIDE LEGO City Undercover 27.2.17 10000 50000 Руководство для FNAF 2 1.3.17 1 5 Руководство для Roblox 1.3.17 1 5
guide.tipsfnaftwo.infopro Guide For FNAF 2 8.3.17 1000 5000
guide.tipsgreattheautovipcity.infopro Инструцкция The Auto Vip City 3.3.17 1 5 Руководство для Super Mario 28.2.17 Руководство Great The Auto 4 28.2.17 Руководство для Cadillacs 1.3.17 Руководство для Spider-Man 2 28.2.17
guide.tipssupermario.infopro Инструкция к Super Mario 2.3.17
guide.tipslegofriends.infopro Интсрукция к LEGO Friends 3.3.17 1 5
guide.tipsgreattheautofive.infopro Инструкция к Great The Auto 5 2.3.17 1 5
guide.tipsgreattheautofour.infopro Инструкция к Great The Auto 4 8.3.17 1 5
guide.tipscadillacs.infopro Guide for Cadillacs 3.3.17 5000 10000
guide.tipsroblox.infopro Guide for Roblox 3.3.17 10 50 Руководство для League Soccer 28.2.17 1 5 LEGUIDE LEGO City My City 27.2.17 5000 10000
com.megaguide.rollingsky.tricks Guide for Rolling Sky 11.4.17 500 1000
com.megaguide.legoninjagotournament.tricks Guide for Ninjago Tournament 6.4.17 50000 100000
free.guidegame.hungrysharkfree Guide for Hungry Shark World 22.11.16 100000 500000
free.guidegame.fifafree Guide For FIFA 17 30.11.16 10000 50000
free.guidegame.slitherfree Guide for 29.11.16 50000 100000
free.guidegame.mortalkombatxfree Guide for Mortal Kombat X 23.11.16 50000 100000
free.guidegame.shadowfightfree Guide for Shadow fight 3 and 2 23.11.16 100000 500000
 Total   528535 1846160
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