FAQ about Infinix hot 2

FAQ about Infinix hot 2

Android One

  • How is the battery life of the Infinix HOT 2?

Answer= From my experience I would say the battery is fair but they should have done better one than this. If u have used the Infinix Hot Note before, you will definitely be pissed off with the battery life of this HOT 2. It last longer when your data Is off, but consumes so fast when the WiFi, WiFi Hotspot or data is on. It also consumes when playing games. So you might have to think twice.

  • Does the Infinix HOT 2 have a notification light?

Answer= Yes it has a notification light at the top left corner of the phone. It blinks red wen you have messages or when your battery is low. It also turns green when your battery is fully charge.

  • It seems it has no file manager?

Ans=Yes it has no pre-installed file manager but you can always download different varieties of file managers on playstore. E.g Es explorer.

  • Can I root my Infnix HOT 2?

Answer= Yes, of cause you can. Its as simple as I rooted my Hot Note. READ HOW TO ROOT INFINIX. And mind you, I have rooted mine so no worries.


  • Does the HOT 2 heat up badly?

Answer= The only time my phone heats up is wen i am playing online games like clash of clans. Etc

  • Is the battery removable?

Answer= Of cause you can remove and insert the battery.

  • How is the display quality?

Answer= It is superb wen playing games, not too good for videos except it is an high quality video.

  • Is the Infnix HOT 2 RAM real?

Answer= Yes, with all my apps running I still have 1.4gb RAM remaining.


  • How HOT 2 sound quality?

Answer= Loud but low bass.

  • How is the camera?

Answer= Average, please don’t expect too much from the camera. If you want a camera phone that is comparable to the iPhones, then you should go for Tecno Camon C8.

  • Does it support fast charging?

Answer= No it doesn’t, just the normal charging cycle. More like slow charge fast drain to me. Lol

  • How attractive is the UI?

Answer= The UI is less attractive but Android was originally meant to look that way. The UI is directly from Google and untouched by any third-party. I presently use smart launcher and it gives an awesome new look.

Hope it helped?

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We will update u guys more as we get to discover more info about the phone.

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  1. Comment:my infinix hot2 gold is hanging and the scrolling is slow what can I do to it?

    i bought it new with the pack every
    the front camera is on right and it does not show light notification

  2. Mine is on the right and the sensor is on the left does dis min me phone is fake.my sensor has Neva blinked since i bought my phone.

  3. Comment…my ba3 don’t last for more than 8 hour when I use this phone(hot 2) non stop and the only thing I do with it is chat. I have turn off the brightness, sounds and vibrations but still having issues with the ba3. could it be bcos I used the phone before fully charging it after I bought it or could the generator I used to charge spoilt the ba3 or is the life span normal like that. thanks in anticipation as I await comments

  4. Can you please put some pics from the Infinix HOT 2 8Mp and the Camon C8 13Mp ? to do the comparison, i want to have an idea on how different the quality is. Thx

  5. Otherwise it seems like 1GB is more than enought for playing gamis and web activities. Do i really need 2GB of ram when im a normal user since i saw that you uses only 600MB of 2GB of ram in your test.


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