According to Engadget, the FBI program called IDLE, which allows companies to produce “decrypted data” to confuse intruders who are trying to fight. steal valuable information. Think of it as a honeypot (information resource system built for the purpose of disguising, deceiving illegal users and intruders, attracting attention, preventing them from coming into contact with the system. real) to corporate scammers and spies.

Although the FBI did not share details of how IDLE works, an official said that they mixed data in existing data structures to make it appear accurate. A

hacker can’t get mass data and hopefully it all helps. The FBI helped create bogus data using real information, but an official said the office did not store the information and only got it through approval.

There is no guarantee this will be effective as smart intruders can analyze the data and it is only as effective as the company’s basic security system. For the FBI, however, this is not the same as providing confidential protection, but a proactive approach that helps companies prepare defenses instead of just responding to the offenses when they occur. In that regard, it can be a useful part of a larger security puzzle.

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