2016 has been a remarkable year in UMi’s history: during this year, UMi has dedicated all their hearts and efforts to develop the global markets, and create products that make our users happy all around the world. Starting with UMi Touch, the first user-defined smartphone from the company, UMi have been responding actively to the feedbacks from their loyal customers, with their help, their shaped together the direction of the very successful following models: Umi Super, Max, Plus and Plus E, which represents their top-end products this year.

It has been a colorful journey, thanks to all of your support, UMi made stronger models one after one. Now they can close the year of 2016 with their latest model that represents their growth and future direction into 2017, which is going to be another exciting journey!

This model is UMi Z – UMi’s latest high-end smartphone of 2016. Surely the phone comes with some impressive specifications, but before going into any technical aspect, bear in mind that this model is thoughtfully designed with a very simple but precise objective: Deliver the most comprehensive and satisfying User Experience the best UMi can.

With the clear objective and vision, now let’s look into the reasons of the specifications built in for UMi Z.

CPU: The Z packs the powerful Helio X27 Deca-Core clocked at 2.6GHz, the top tier of the X20 family. This SoC is available exclusively for LeEco (Chinese market) and UMi (Global market) at launch, thanks to the trust UMi earned with the successful models in this year and the other successful deal for the Helio P20 – UMi Plus E.

This processor is not only incredibly powerful, especially for gaming. The processor uses the Tri-Cluster CPU architecture which allows the CPU to activate the most powerful cores only when necessary, while using the more energy-saving ones for simpler tasks. A perfect solution for having power when needed and reduced energy consumption when the phone was used lightly.

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Battery: UMi decided to go for a 3780mAh unit with high quality cells made by Sony. While 220mAh are not so relevant, someone may ask why not go for 4000mAh, the answer is simple: this slightly smaller unit allowed UMi to better optimize internal space and dimensions, and reduce body UMi ight. Moreover, since the X27 has the tri-cluster technology for optimizing power consumption, overall battery duration is even bigger than many 4000mAh phones in the market! Thanks to quick charging PE+, you will be on your feet again within a matter of coffee break!

Design: As mentioned, the slightly decreased size of the battery allow UMi to alleviate the final UMi ight and optimize the dimensions, but that’s not all: UMi had more room for internal components, for a better assembly, which brings to better thermal management. The full metal back cover is a premiere on a UMi Smartphone, the touch & feel sensation is absolutely stunning. A lot of processes and state-of-art machines UMi re used to craft this premium body, it was also possible to make incredibly thin Nano 3d cutting lines on the sides, which follow the natural curve of the hand like a fitting glove.

Cameras: For a complete user experience, you can’t have a sub-par selfie shooter. That’s why UMi equipped the same 13mpx Camera with Samsung S5K3L8 sensor both on the FRONT and on the BACK of the phone! You can always take desired selfies thanks to the high quality sensor and the soft light, which is like a small photographer’s light, but able to get the best out of the night. The rear camera has PDAF and Laser stabilization, you will never have to worry about blurry pictures anymore. Focus is immediate and noise is reduced also thanks to the latest Mediatek ISP technologies. With 4 LED light, the scene will always be bright with natural colors, allowing nice photos taken in various light condition. UMi don’t want to sacrifice those features by choosing a 16mpx or 21mpx sensor, because the megapixels are not as important as a UMi ll implemented sensor!

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Audio: The UMi Z includes the premium NXP® TFA9890 speaker driver IC, which enables an unprecedented 9.5V boost voltage from an integrated DC/DC converter. Increasing the voltage headroom in the audio driver IC prevents amplifier clipping and keeps sound quality high at maximum volume. The most powerful driver yet for micro speakers, the TFA9890 makes a clear improvement to the sound output and quality of mobiles, so you obviously find it on Z!

Display: Umi Z uses an LTPS IGZO FHD 441 PPI 5.5″ Display manufactured by SHARP ®, a high color-saturation 95% NTSC gamut unit with 17% better overall color saturation for a richer viewing experience. The display is protected by the famous Dragontrail glass, an innovative glass that best suits new generation mobile devices since it has qualities that are superior to common glass and plastic in all areas of strength, scratch resistance, and texture.

Android Version: There is already the possibility to release the phone with Android 7 Out of the Box, but since this newer version is still not as stable and mature as Android 6, UMi prefer to release the phone with the most stable version (Marshmallow) and update it on Nougat in upcoming months, when the software will be as reliable (or even more) than Android M. Both versions will provide the “Android Stock” experience, with a light and super smooth ROM ready to be customized by you through your favourite apps and settings.

So this is the story of UMi Z smartphone and why it is made this way. Pre-sale will start on the 26th December, listing price is 279.99$.


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