EA Games recently shared with the players the innovations that will come with the highly anticipated FIFA 2020. Immediately after this development,  FIFA 20 release date and details were announced under the roof of EA Play 2019 event.

Today 21 with TSI: Play along with the live broadcast held at 00 EUR elaborated by FIFA 20September 27, 2019, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will carry for the output platforms. So, what’s new with the new FIFA game awaits us. Come, take a closer look.

Artificial Intelligence Comes with FIFA 20

Recently, an important blog post about the new FIFA game was published by EA Games. Referring to the innovations of FIFA 2020 in this blog post, EA Games said that the new game focuses on artificial intelligence.

EA Games officials say artificial intelligence with the help of a renewed defense system is waiting for us completely.

In addition, the control of the manual goalkeeper also said that a team will go to changes EA Games, talent movements will also make an important team arrangements, he stressed.

EA Games, which aims to provide a more realistic gaming experience thanks to the renewed gameplay mechanics, promises players a different experience in this part.

In addition to this information, the new FIFA game also awaits us with a renewed shot, free kick, and penalty mechanics. The FIFA 2020, which is a very entertaining game structure, makes it easier to draw free kicks and penalties than before.

In addition, the artificial intelligence comes to the fore in the game, our competitors will be smarter than the previous games of the series, let’s not forget.

Missed FIFA Street Comes Back with New Game

EA Games, the new game at the same time also includes the missed street football. With the so-called VOLTA, players can make 3-to-3, 4-to-4 and 5-to-5 comparisons without a goalkeeper.

According to EA Games officials, the VOLTA mode will also feature a story mode, which allows us to create and develop a character from the start. The VOLTA mode will be on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, where we’ll run the ball on the rooftops of Tokyo, the underpasses of Amsterdam and Brazil’s favelas.

Finally, the pre-order pricing of FIFA 2020, which will be released on September 27, 2019, is as follows;

  • FIFA 2020 PS4 Standard Edition: $ 429
  • FIFA 2020 PS4 Champions League Edition: 559 TL
  • FIFA 2020 PS4 Ultimate Edition: 609 TL
  • FIFA 2020 Xbox One Standard Edition: 427.5 TL
  • FIFA 2020 Xbox One Ultimate Edition: 627 TL
  • FIFA 2020 PC Standard Edition: 59.99 Euro
  • FIFA 2020 PC Champions League Edition: 79.99 Euro
  • FIFA 2020 PC Ultimate Edition: 89.99 Euro

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