Upcoming iOS 11 might have a dedicated File Manager for iPhones and iPads


Files App for iOS to be released soon?

You would agree with me that one of the perks of the Android operating system (OS) is the freedom handed over to the user of any device running​ the OS. And one of such freedom is the File Manager app which allows users the ability to arrange files, media, documents etc. into whatever folder is available, or better yet, whatever folder they create/created.

On the Android OS File Manager, you can view hidden folders and files created by certain Apps. You can even go ahead to hide and unhide files. That's how free of a bird you are as an Android OS user.

The above freedom is what iOS users (or should I say iPhone and iPad users) miss. One feature/app they wish they had so bad. Well, apparently, it seems they would be getting​what they long clamour for in the new upcoming iOS 11 update.

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event is happening tonight and the iOS 11 will be unveiled. However, earlier today on Apple's download page, a certain placeholder (icon) was spotted. The placeholder was for a supposed "Files" application.

Files App for iOS
Files App for iOS description page

Looking at the description in the screenshot above, it reads "Files App for iOS". The Files App is designed for both iPhones and iPad and can only be downloaded on devices running the iOS 11 or later, according to developer Troughton Smith.

While the above information may seem untrue and hard to believe as a result of the removal of the details of the app after Smith shared the screenshot on Twitter, there is however some indications that Apple will announce the Files App alongside the iOS 11 at the WWDC event.

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Every year, Apple announces a new iOS version at their WWDC event. The iOS 10 was announced at last year's WWDC. This year will be no different as Apple's CEO and other top executives will mount the stage at the San Jose's McEnery Convention Center to announce the iOS 11 and its features.

Seems the Android OS is about to have one less bragging right over the iOS with the imminent release of the Files App for iOS.

Apple/iOS users, what do you think?

Source: WIRED

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