Filtered design of the LG V40 in a new video

The LG V40 is the new high-end smartphone of the Korean brand that will be launched in the fall. It is considered that it will be in mid-October, although some official confirmation by LG is missing. A few days ago, the first images of the phone arrived. Now, they come in the form of a video, which helps us see everything more clearly.

Filtered design of the LG V40 in a new video

This high range is striking for the presence of a triple camera in the back. The first of the Korean brand to have this triple camera.

Design of the LG V40

The LG V40 will have a screen with a notch, being one more model in the signature catalog to have it. Something that has become normal. The back of the phone is dominated by the triple camera, located horizontally. Along with the cameras, we find the LED Flash. A video in 360 degrees that allows us to see this high-end in great detail.

The LG V40 is going to be the largest phone that the firm has launched in its high range. According to the latest information, the device will have a screen of 6.3 inches in size. A size superior to other previous models in the high range.

Surely as the weeks go by we will be getting more details about this high range. LG has not said anything so far, but they may be giving more information. Especially if the device is going to launch on the market in October.

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