Famous for producing phones with great cameras and very high durability, like the legendary “Nokia” 3310, Nokia has just released its newest device, the Nokia 2, and tests of resistance of the smartphone have already appeared on the Internet. The model is a bit of the Finnish company for entry markets and comes equipped with Gorilla Glass 3, has a metal coating and a protective glass film guards on its rear camera.

In the video, the ‘cheap’ Nokia is scraped with a stylus, twisted, folded and exposed to the flame of a lighter. The results show that the device did not withstand all the tests so well, but revealed some positive surprises. Check the fireproof with the Nokia 2 in the video below:

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During the battery test, the smartphone screen was scratched consecutively with different intensities on a scale of 1 to 9 and showed visible scratches from intensity 6. The back of the device also did not resist the stylus blade, which left marks on the material without much difficulty. Not even the Nokia logo survived, and the letters came loose after a little insistence from the blade. A plus point was the durability of the rear lens protective glass, which did not give way to scratches and did its job well.

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The Nokia 2 also went on fire exposure and did well. After having a lighter access on its screen for five seconds, the device did not show any signs of permanent damage. Another positive point was that the smartphone had reasonably resisted the fold test, showing little damage during hand pressure on its structure.

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The Nokia 2 has not yet arrived in some countries, it is currently available for less than $ 100 (direct order), with simple technical specifications.


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