First bank customer care

As a First Bank account holder, it is important for you to know the first bank customer care phone number and other means by which you can get across to them just in case the need arises. You never know when you might need the help or assistance of a First bank customer care agent. So we will be teaching you how to get in touch with them.

Firstly, we need to know the kind of complaints or Issues we can report to the first bank Customer care and have them assist you without you going to a first bank branch. Some issues can be solved without you going into the banking premises while some others will require your presence at any nearest first bank branch.

For example, if your ATM gets stolen or misplaced and you are afraid of someone using it to withdraw your funds. You can simply call, email or chat with a first bank Customer care agent and they will have your ATM blocked almost immediately. The only thing that you will provide will be just your account number for this. You can then request a new card and pick it up when next you visit your bank branch. That’s not all; there is a lot of other stuff the first bank Customer care can help you with.

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First bank customer care

The following complaints or Issues can be resolved by calling, chatting or emailing a first bank Customer care agent by contacting them through any of the means listed below.

  • Inquiry about a first bank product or service.
  • Transaction Issues. (Mobile banking app, ATM, WebPay etc)
  • Block ATM Card.
  • Online Banking password reset.
  • Stop Cheque Instructions.
  • Request for statement of account.

You can do all these and more without going to the bank just by contacting a First bank customer care through any of Phone numbers below.

  • +234 1 9052326
  • +234 1 9052000
  • +234 1 448 5500
  • +234 708 062 5000

If you have no Airtime to contact them using the phone numbers above. Simply get in touch with them across social media platforms by going to the First Bank Of Nigeria Limited Facebook Page or @FirstBankNGR on Twitter. You can also email them your complaints and enquires at

Note: You should also know that no First Bank customer care agent will ask you for your private details in order to help you. Details like ATM PIN, Mobile Banking PIN, ATM Card Number, CCV, Mobile Banking Log In details, One Time Password, Passcode or Token.


With the above contact details you should be able to get your issues and complaints sorted out easily. However, not all complaints can be resolved by contacting using the above means. Some will require you to visit the nearest first bank branch to get the issue sorted out.

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If you are having issues contacting them or don’t understand how to go about it then drop a comment below and we will assist you on how to go about it.


  1. Someone sent 20,000 to my account on 27-07-019.
    He was debited by I have not received the fund.
    Though, I have checked my balance.

  2. I tried crediting my phone with 100 naira twice today I was debited but my phone wasn’t credited. It hasn’t been refunded. Pls kindly do something.

  3. Comment:pleases I have been debited #2000 for pos transfer on 30th of April and again I use ATM machine to withdrawal money still debit me without crediting in 2nd of may

  4. People have been sending money to me since Friday and have not being seeing it,the worse part is I sent 50,000 through paga and it showed successful there, till now am yet to receive alert, and I close by 5pm at work,not chanced to visit the bank,please help me.

  5. Please I need your help concerning my mobile app the sim I used to activate my account was lost and I was unable to use the app anymore,and am no more in the country please help me out

  6. I credited my MTN account using my first mobile app since yesterday my account has not been credited and have been debited .what do I do

  7. If !! put in money i can’t get any alert on my phone because i lost my current mobile number and !! need you people to help me so that i can change it and use my email to be receiving alert i have been having serious problem on it please i want this to be done immediately please you people should think for what to do about it and give me the feed back to my email

    • Dont mind that useless bank…. only your bank can give you that, they are just not serious… but if you have other bank linked with same BVN, you can collect it from them, not a must it should be Firstbank

  8. I have no choice than for me to air my complain,most of ur costumer attended are always looking at there costumer as illiterate,in one of ur branch in kaduna state in fact kawo branch I applied for master card ur staff printed verve card for me, if that’s not enough they said my signature is does not match the one on there system,i ask them to show me the signature so I will be able to sign my cheque they said I have no right to see my bank details,today in my place of work they ask us to submit our bvn printout so I went to one of ur branch in makurdi benue state north bank branch, but ur bank said they can’t give me….. That they gave them a directive that they should not give their costumers that I should go to cafe a print it out…. I ask of the site in which I can print out the bvn print the young man said I should just to any cafe and ask them….pls I need argent answer….

  9. Some transfered money to my account since yesterday,have not received the money I have checked using my mobile app I still can’t see the money..what’s the problem

  10. What’s happening if a MasterCard is saying your issuer has declined your transaction??? I have been facing this for about 10hrs now

    • Good morning,just this morning a guy called telling me he’s calling from the bank,all customer care staff that has ever called me introduces themself but he did not;in the process the call went off and the next time he called back he accused me off cutting off the call which I explained I wasn’t.he then requested for my account no and that when last have I used my ATM card.i just updated my acct last year so I’m surprised how he said my date of birth was not right.infact,I sent to be sure he is from first Bank customer care


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