First Game Launched By Apple After 11 Years Featuring Warren Buffet

Tim Cook, SEO of Apple company made a surprise appearance at Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting. He launched a game in which Warren Buffet is featuring. Warren Buffet is a billionaire and owns a number of shares in Apple.

Berkshire Hathaway is a company owned by Warren Buffet itself. Warren Buffet's Paper Wizard game is similar to Paperboy game. Apple has launched this game after a decade and this makes it more valuable. The last when a game was launched by this company was in 2008 and the name of the game was Texas Hold'em. Apple's App Store was also launched along with this game.

When coming to the gameplay of papers wizard, you need to only toss papers and score "Warren Bucks". To get high scores in this game, your delivery skills should be excellent. The theme and launching of this game have a reason behind it.

Tim Cook got very excited when he came to know that Warren Buffet is an investor in Apple. Apple is facing a decline in the sale of its products in the market and is working to get out of this situation by focusing more on subscription-based services. Warren Buffet made a major investment during this bad situation of the company.

Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard is launched by Apple as a token of gesture to thank Warren Buffet for believing and helping in this company. Now when coming to the theme of this game, the name of the game represents Warren Buffet's struggle during his childhood when he used to sell newspapers to survive his life.

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After knowing the major investment of Berkshire Hathaway, Tim Cook made a statement saying that according to Warren  Buffet, Apple is not a tech company rather its a consumer products company at its core. If you want to download and try this free game then check out the App Store.

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