Windows 10 on UMi TOUCH photo 1
Windows 10 on UMi TOUCH photo 1

Windows 10 is designed to work on all platforms, So UMi seems to decide to put this up on their latest metallic flagship UMi Touch.

UMi Touch comes in Octa-core 3GB RAM 128GB extendable storage, with front fingerprint scanner, 4000mAh battery, 13MP Sony IMX328 camera, claims to support multiple customized ROMs, installation via ROOTJOY their PC tool for backup/restore your UMi phone data.

If you are windows users, you will love what it comes with.


Microsoft emphasized that due to the shared codebase between devices, its core apps will be very similar in functionality on phones, desktops, and tablets, albeit with design tweaks made for each form factor.

That’ll be strongly felt in the Office apps, in particular, and they’ll all be bundled with the OS on the phone side of things. Microsoft says it’s a “nearly no-compromises experience” with the new Office on mobile, with almost all of the same actions and functionality available. And PowerPoint can utilize the advanced chips of UMi Touch to power slick animations on the smaller screens.

Windows 10 on UMi TOUCH photo 1


One of the more notable universal apps shown was Outlook, which shares functionality between devices but seems especially enhanced in this rendition for UMi TOUCH. For example, Word is built right into the app for better composition on the go, and your inbox has Mailbox-esque gestures to triage your emails, letting you easily swipe to delete, archive, and whatnot.

Windows 10 on UMi TOUCH Photo 2


Anywhere you can type in Windows 10 on UMi TOUCH, now you can speak as well. A small microphone button will appear on the screen, and tapping it lets you vocalize your needs and thoughts instead.

Windows 10 on UMi TOUCH photo 3


When messaging notifications pop up along the top of the screen in Windows 10, you’ll be able to respond inline without needing to fire up the Messaging app. Again, seen before on rival mobile phones, but great to have.

And Microsoft also intends to blend Skype functionality into Messaging, with the ability to switch between SMS and Skype in the same thread. Additionally, IP-based carrier messaging services will also be handled via Skype services.

Windows 10 on UMi TOUCH photo 4


The camera app that’s bundled with Windows 10 on all smartphones as well as UMi TOUCH will be based on the enhanced Lumia Camera app recently brought to Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia devices. It’s been praised for some helpful features, like automatic HDR along with easy 4K video shooting, so that could be a nice upgrade over what some manufacturers might’ve included instead.

UMi says is possible to have Windows 10 pre-install and let users have it out of the box for UMi TOUCH. But of course it’s based on the number of demands.

Will you choose Marshmallow 6.0 or Windows 10?

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