Kratos and Atreus God Of War again
Kratos and Atreus God Of War again

The very recently released dynamic theme of God of War contains a hidden message, which apparently is pointing directly to its sequel! If you do not know, the Sony Santa Monica studio is celebrating the first anniversary of the latest God of War this week.

And one of the gifts offered to players was a new dynamic theme free for PlayStation 4.

Well, as it starts to be normal, the more curious fans immediately began to look with some attention to this offer. In order to find some message or a new easter egg.

And apparently they have even found a message, which may well be a ‘tease’ of what is on the way to Kratos and Atreus (Loki: P)

So, as you can see in the image above, Dad and his Boy can be seen inside a trusty boat in the Lake of Nine. This boat, which is right in the center of the image, has a series of Nordic runes… After translated, they say “Ragnarok is Coming”

Is the sequel already under development?

If by chance God of War is over, the whole story of the game unleashes the famed Ragnarok! What, in other words, means apocalypse in Norse mythology, with several gods kicking their boots.

So, if the game is over, you know more or less what will happen to Kratos and Atreus … In fact, we even have a small hidden end, where Thor himself appears in the backyard of our heroes. (And taking into account that this is not a Marvel movie, this God is actually looking for blood and revenge.)

Having said all this, much hope that Cory Barlog, the director of God of War, reveals something interesting during the week! As the ultimate celebration of 1 year of great success. After all, God of War has raised a handful of prizes in recent months.

Yes, because if you want more God of War, we will have to wait for the sequel … It has already been confirmed that we will not have any DLC.

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