Do you also encounter the same problem with your laptop touchpad, where it won’t work properly, at times freezes or hangs when the charger is connected to power supply? Worry no more because I now have a simple fix for that, or should I just call it trick. Anyways, this is not intended to be any long article, though. Just a short kind of post. The issue with the cursor jumping up and down on the laptop screen can be so frustrating at times.

I am the type who does not like working with external mouse or keyboard, so this makes me rely solely on any traditional laptop touchpad. I can’t imagine myself typing and dragging my mouse beside my laptop as if I am in a car race. Though, I still could not figure out why some laptop users move around with an external mouse or keyboard in bags. This short piece may not be useful to laptop users who love using an external mouse instead of the smart portable touchpad.

Generally speaking, if a laptop touchpad hangs or keeps malfunctioning when connected to electricity, it’s likely due to a weak power supply or electrical interference, but this is not true in many cases. At first when I started noticing that my laptop touchpad won’t work correctly when on the power supply, I saw it as a mechanical problem from the laptop power connector. But I was wrong.

Enough! It is time we fix that. :)

How To Fix Laptop Touchpad Not Working Properly When Charger Is Connected To Power Supply

Solution 1: Charger Distance From Laptop

Distant the laptop from the power adapter when it is plugged to electricity. The closer the laptop is to the power adapter, the more it messes up. Tried it myself it works.

Solution 2: Faulty Charger

If the first solution did not work, then your charger is either incompatible with the laptop or becomes faulty. So, the only solution here is to change the charger.

I hope at the end of this short guide your laptop touchpad should be working correctly without any freezing, hanging, skipping or dragging. Are you the type that love using an external mouse? We will love to know your reason for that. Please leave a comment below in the comments box if these above-listed methods work for you or not and have a beautiful day. Ciao



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