How To Fix Samsung Internal/Phone Memory Issues

This is an awesome article for all the Samsung Users in the house. This trick is going to fix all those low memory problems, everyone hates having that popup message telling you, “You don’t have enough space.” It’s so annoying, so we decided to come up with a help lasting solution, so with this little piece, you should be able to stop having that annoying pop up message.


We will be showing you the easiest ways on how you can install any app without deleting any files, or having to root your phone. This little piece will totally sanitize your Android device and even make it very fast as possible.

So I want you to carefully follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly, Dial *#9900# – This will bring up the screen – Sysdump
  2. After that, then click the ‘Delete dumpstate/logcat‘ button. click OK on the confirmation dialog.
  3. Then Scroll to the end of the screen and click ‘Exit’

Ladies and Gentlemen it’s as easy as that. I actually got 1.8GB when I tried this, sop feel free to drop your thoughts about this, you can also contribute, it’s allowed.

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