Fix Screen Scaling on Dell Inspiron Laptops with 4K resolution


Ever since 4K display resolution started showing up on news laptops, its advantage has been up for debate. At the time there wasn't much benefit outside of photo editing, with little 4K content available and software that couldn't scale properly for the increased resolution. And then there are the increased hardware demands to play games or video at 4K, so you weren't just paying for a nice screen, but pricier components.

The major reasons to skip a 4K display is battery life and non-compatibility with some software.

But, I have found a kind of fix for it, means that you won't use the recommend resolution settings, therefore your not getting the 4K screen that you paid for which personally to me is not cool, bellow is a fix to the scaling issue on the screen.

Watch video below:

Hope this fix worked for you.

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