YouTube is known as a platform where millions of people watch different videos at a time. One can possibly say that a huge audience is just waiting for your content. The truth is that not all YouTube Videos can catch the attention of the audience at large. In that regards, I will say where the problem lies; it is how to make YouTube Videos.

Are you a beginner that doesn’t know the first thing about making YouTube Videos? This article will help you a lot to make an admirable YouTube Video.


Plan The Video.

To make your YouTube Video you have to understand your subject very well. Ask yourself some questions in regards to this Video you want to make.  Ask yourself “is this Video design to entertain” or is it design to shine a light on a subject and educate people? Etc.

These questions will make you understand the type of Video you want to make. Then start to work out what you want to say. Place yourself in the viewer’s position when watching the sort of content you hope to produce. Have in mind that every Video has a cynosure (center of attention)  that makes the audience click on the Video without closing the tab.

Try to add those parts to your Videos, it is going to make the Video attracting. It is not a bad idea if you wish to draft a script. Oh yes, it can be time-consuming but it gives you the privilege to tighten up your Video before you start recording. Go through it, make sure it’s relevant and it flows very well.

You Have To Understand Your Audience.

We observed that it is best to understand your audience first before you make a YouTube Video. how do I mean? Put some serious thought into the duration of your Video. Should I make this Video to be, long?  Should I shorten it?  Ask yourself such question then find out what people like. We discovered that virtually 60% of YouTube viewers prepare short Videos too long ones.  Why not go for a short Video.

Note: Your brand new YouTube channel will be limited to Videos that are under 15 minutes until you get verified. Based on this ComScore report, the average length of an online video is 4.4 minutes.

Understand The Basics Of Video Production.

You have to learn Video production skills to shoot your Video. You can make your Videos with nothing more than a Smartphone. If peradventure you can purchase Mirrorless or Digital SLR, your Videos will look better. This is especially true in low light situations. In terms of technical specifications, don’t border much about that. Note that shooting in 4K is OK but most content is still consumed at 1080p or below.

Video Editor And How To Use It

All you have to do now is to edit everything together into a finished product using a Video Editor. Any Video Editor you selected should be based on your budget. To choose any Video Editor, there are plenty of packages you can choose from.

If you are making use of Mac you can make use of iMovie for a start, It’s a free Video Editor which simplifies the process of Editing Videos.

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