Samsung Galaxy F will be Samsung’s first smartphone equipped with Infinity-V screen, this is considered the successor screen from the screen design infinity.

Two years ago, the smartphone family only had a traditional 16: 9 aspect ratio display, which limited the display of content, affecting the user experience.

But in March of this year, the new Samsung Galaxy S series debuted, bringing Infinity Displays (18.5: 9) to the luxury segment and gradually Samsung’s midrange product also inherits this new design. This trend has shaped the screen thin bezel that we now own.

Stuck in place, Samsung is optimizing its thin bezel, with a 19.5: 9 screen ratio expected in 2019, promising a better user experience.

And Samsung Galaxy F will be the pioneering smartphone with design screen design Infinity-V (V stands for a compact). As of now, Samsung has not officially announced details about the new rate, resolution, and thickness of the device screen.

Some sources said Samsung had registered the brand a week ago in Korea and is expected to unveil the new design mystery at the annual Samsung Developer Conference on 7 November.

If properly followed the leak information, we will soon see Samsung Galaxy F in January 2019 and the design, screen and device parameters will soon be fully disclosed.


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