How to Format Tecno Phones

Tecno have been one of the best Android phones presently in the market. It is the cheapest among the android cell phones you can see presently, Tecno is one of the best and is extremely competitive regarding the cost. When utilizing these astounding devices, we are sometimes prone to make some changes to them that if care is not taken properly, we end up losing the device. In the event that you have misused your phone and you have to reset or restore it to its factory settings, here is the trick on how you will be able to FORMAT Tecno android phones or how to RESET your Tecno without making use of a Computer. This tip is the simplest & straightforward way to go about the formatting.

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One of my siblings as of late purchased a Tecno device, while he was downloading numerous advantageous applications for the android phone, he chooses to protect his Tecno phone by locking it with an android application. So he downloaded the applications lock for android phones and installed it.

Abruptly he discovers that all his android applications has been locked also and his secret password is been rejected by the device. All exertions to amend this problem seem to be unsuccessful.

Another case like this one, I love privacy. I make use of the android maze lock. The next day I left the phone with a friend who I forgot to tell the demonstration of the maze. He tried and tried and tried but to no avail until my device got blocked and it was asking for an E-mail to utilize in confirming the password. Unfortunately my mobile was not data-active. I felt bad and decided to make some researches on how to  format a Tecno device, though I encountered many different solutions which refuses to work for me until I came across this that will eventually wok fine on almost all Android phones.

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So, How I Format Tecno Device Easily

How to Format Tecno Phones

When you have messed up with your Tecno device, you don’t have to take it to the Techy fellows to extort cash from you, all you need to do is this.

  •   Switch off the phone first.
  •   Press and hold the Power key and the Volume Up key in the meantime and it hold up until you see a Menu show up on the screen before you remove your hand from the two buttons.
  •   On the Menu, you will see a choice that shows DATA Wipe/factory RESET.
  •   Utilize the volume keys to scroll down and up, select the DATA Wipe/factory RESET with the Power key.
  •   An alternate Menu choice will show up and you will see an arrangement of NO’s arranged vertically so scroll down with the assistance of your volume key and select DELETE ALL USER DATA.
  • At that point utilize the Power key to select it and sit tight for the procedure to finalize.
  • When it is carried out, you will be taken to the first Menu then scroll to REBOOT PHONE NOW and utilize the Power Key to Select the choice and sit tight for your phone to REBOOT.

Congrats! Assuming that you take after these steps accurately, your Tecno android phone will now be restored to production line settings.

NB: Make comprehend these steps before going ahead to resetting your device. Additionally note that all your information will be gone.

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  1. Sarah Nambela says

    Comment: My TECNO P701, is not working, it says for it to completely set up, I need to verify my google account, I have tried multiple times, but its not working. What do I do?

  2. HENRY says

    my techno wx3p i have rest it but it has failed tocome back to normal.It is showing checking network and below it,its showing Adding few finishing touches.This may take aminute or two.pliz help what can i do

  3. micah says

    Comment: Hi did wipe my data in techno w4 now can use my camera telling me to switch off all apps that use Flashlight or camera nd taking hours for it to on.

  4. Simon Nyamwamu says

    Hey,i have been trying to format mt Tecno Camon x pro and its inbdication a no comand sign,how can you assist

  5. hiba jamal says

    hi! my phone is stuck in factory mode the problem is that my volume bottons are not working so i can’t start it again , is there is any way i can get out of it with computer help . pls replay soon.

  6. David Odhiambo says

    hi, after rebooting my Tecno WX3 it reaches a point in which i am told to connect to internet of which after connecting i don’t see any reaction what can i do please in orde to proceed

  7. Sulaiman Kargbo says

    previosly i was not the one using my phantom 6 but immidiatly after i reboot my phone it start asking me for the last google account that use

  8. Ibra Kitandwe says

    mine is showing no command and the process is not working for me

  9. sajib says

    plz solve fastboot mood tecno wx4

  10. RAYMOND says

    Somebody Have Set a password in the internet of My W1 Techno Phone,
    Now when i open, it always ask me for flushing But I Tried Till Nothing, So What Should I Do?

  11. JOB JOSEPH says

    Hello i left my phone for some minutes to my friend, and he was surfing in the internet, so the phone right now is asking for the provision of google internet password, right now the phone is only accepting calls with a blue display on the screen (welcome) the phone is tecno w1
    Please what should i do? Because i have even rejected flushing with the serial number (IMEI;35521208441729) VC;731582

  12. Kennedy says

    after all the steps that end with reboot , it is asking me to sign in with google account that was previously synced on this device email address which I don’t have what do I do please?

  13. Tope says

    Pls I tried formatting my phone using this logic but its not working for my techno h7.
    Firstly the language that comes up is like Chinese.
    Secondly it has been booting for like hours now.

  14. Ap says

    Please my tecno wx3 has been flashed to it normal state what will I do.

  15. Uloma says

    How will I flash my phone tecno y8 plus, it has been switching off and switching off

  16. Billy says

    pls any help about to restart factory data my tecno camon c7

  17. Kabiru says

    Comment: I have tecno h3 refuse to show me wipe and factory data to farmat it . Please need guid to do it.

  18. estaar says

    Comment:plus I tried formatting my fine with De steps u gave,when I used the volume button to click on wipe data it wrote no command..pls what can I do..

  19. demola says

    Comment: please after formatting my tecno y3 all I see is that I should enter a password for WiFi, am lost I don’t know what to do. pls help

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      You can skip this step or look use a friends phone to connect through wifi. It wont consume much data.

    2. Momo Karmo says

      There is a skip option at the top of your device, please make use of that option and there you go.

      1. Philip Kosgei says

        Sometimes it needs google account plus the password so that you can log in to your account so don’t forget your email address.

        1. verol says

          new google account or it asks the recent one.because i forgot the account before and when i try the new one it refused

  20. tolu says

    Hi. My tecnol5 has been hanging for hours now. Its just black tho its showing the notification bar. What do I do? I cant remove the battery because its inbuilt. Please help.

  21. Strong says

    …happy i found this. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Please i have with me now a Tecno A6. I have tried this but its not responding it just comes on and goes off. The initial problem is that my kid sister blocked it and now they are asking for email address and password which i don’t know

  22. Samuel says

    Hellow how do I reset my techno l5 it gives me a hard time at all

  23. Mc says

    hello. please my friend’s tecno phone went dead but unfortunately there is no charging point on the phone as one of the board interface is destroyed. please is there any solutions?

  24. Henny says

    Comment:I have done exactly as directed but keeps getting this searching for wi fi network. Pls I need an immediate reply. Thanks.

    1. Strong says

      …having same issue now with my Tecno A6 please can you help me out if at all you had help bro? please!

  25. Don LURICH says

    I have done all the factory reset steps and it has finally hung on the part that is asking for an email address that was previously synced with the device and I’m putting it but it’s not working. What do I do?

    1. Strong says

      me too..

    2. Ogaxkog says

      The same thing applies to me I even entered my number but the registered name I don’t know coz I bought the chip already registered. I don’t know what to do next any help please

  26. kanté says

    Le problème avec mon tecno 1722 est qu’il a sélectionné l’anglais comme lanque d”écriture de manière qu’il est impossible de le désactiver. comment faire pour le ramener en français. merci pour votre professionnalisme.

  27. Piero says

    Please I need a phone unlock code for techno t605 which I can remember. I need help to unlock it.

  28. hallas says

    I rooted my Tecno y2 but after that things turned all round the android with the apps are misbehaving like when I luanch an app it takes me back to home screen and can install short cuts of apps which are not in phone.what could be the problem and solution for it

  29. Mark says

    After restarting my techno w4 it is asking for a WiFi connection. I don’t know what to do

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      I think you can skip this

  30. Nasir says

    my phone is tecno H5. then when I power it on only TECNO
    After that it is stop any thing please help me

  31. Amos Mathew says

    I just repaired. My tecno f6 after which it was rejecting calls what can I do to solve this?

  32. Omary Juma says

    my TECNO A7- it has privacy code how can I solve the problem

  33. Andrew says

    when is I select ‘wipe/factory reset’ data, it doesnot show me the ‘nos’. therefore it is like am blocked because I don’t know what to do next. so please help that I manage to format my tecno h3. may be it requires that I insert a sim card before I start the processes.

  34. Osman says

    my tecno phantom z A7 is four month old since i bought it,and its service cannot be recommend.
    my first complain is that,it get warm.I know most phones get warm but this is the hottest phone i have ever used.secondly,its shows ads more than my previous phone and it gets irritating and made my whats app and facebook conversations disturbed.finally,it’s gone i cant even access my apps how i’m supposed to.It keeps saying “NO APPS CAN PERFORM THIS ACTION”and all the other app keeps stopping… i drew the toolbar and went to settings where i tried resetting and still after that it keeps on showing the same’s been a week offline for me and its hell for me…i dont have money for another phone so i need it to be please…..

  35. Edwin Mose says

    Hi.kindly i have tried to factory data reset my Y3S Techno android phone after i forgot my anti-theft privacy protection password but i have encountered the same problem whereby there is still an inquiry of the password after turning it on.I thereby kindly request for your assistance.Thanks in advance.

  36. Alexander says

    How can i want to unlock my tecno y6 but to no avail i have tried your factory test but still all says is my email and password which i have forgotten ,anytime i tried what appears on the phone is full phone test,view phone test result,item test,bt eut,ctp calibrate and exit. at the upper i can`t scroll to spreadtrum, phone test ,factory usedor factory test either,pls help me am just confused. thanks alot

  37. olajide says

    I do not know how to configure my tecno t33, please help me out .

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Hi Olajide, how do you mean by configure?

      1. Ephantus says

        i’ve got some problems i encounter with my Tecno m3, it is not vibrating regardless of the sound settings and in the camera-app it does not have that icon where one taps for the rear camera such that it’s only applicable with the front camera, Can you help?

  38. Femi says

    Pls tell me how to go about formatting my Techno N3 device….After it’s switched on,it’s showing me @
    “RESTORE PHONE” and i pressed it but it wouldn’t leave the page still?

    1. Madkim says

      hi Femi.Did you go to settings to do that?bcoz that will reset the phone automatically

  39. evance says

    Comment…hello.?my tecno phone can’t reboot coz the rebooting arrow moves up n down without stopping.plz help

  40. kk says

    pls any time i switch on my data my y6 freezes or restart by itself. i have tried factory setting but to no avail

  41. markdon says

    Comment…please before now when I open too many programs and i want to view them, i press and hold the the middle button on my Techno Y2 to view them. but now don’t know what happened when i hold the button, i will not see anything. please what will i do?

  42. cyprian justin says

    how to format tecno L5

  43. walex says

    how do i unlock my techno 7c from application lock

  44. Prince Kenny says

    Comment…pls oooo wat is d solution for y6 dat wen put charger it will show charging icon bt nt increasing

  45. Aloti says


  46. Amin says

    Comment…I have a h5 techno but its misbehaving, it hook, network service goes of,and failed to will show techno logo and stay like that, I try your formatting procedure, it didn’t work.what is the solution

  47. Treasure says

    Hi..My Tecno H6 phone won’t connect to my beats studio wireless ever since I flashed the phone.I discovered my phone’s bluetooth address is unavailable.. Don’t know what to do..kindly leave a reply that will help me fix this..Thank you

  48. Ritchy says

    pls I have tried formating my tecno y3s but there is no change,it still displays enter privacy password. Please help

  49. JohnGreavens says

    didn’t work on my techno y3

  50. Rhema says

    Comment…My tecno h7 has been attacked by virus,apps that download themselves in the likes of sexy hot,porn club,lock screen apps,apus app,torch light app,jumia app and a host of others. the phone can’t be operated,other apps have stopped working,the battery has been affected. someone said it is “adware and malware virus”. Am so confused now. the phone storage and sd card storage was wiped out still the virus is still there. Even antivirus like the likes of 360 security,clean master and the rest of them are not effective. tried your formatting procedure but it didn’t help. please help a sister

  51. wilson says

    pls i want to hard reset my m3 buh it shows chinese language what do ah do

  52. johnk says

    techo p3 is alittle complexwen it comes to reset, but hear is the trick, press the power key + volume down key wait until the logo and android sign immediatelyhold the volumeup key utill the reset menu is displayed, u can now release the vol up key, follow as always and use the power key to confirm,………..

  53. FADI says

    plizzz…my tecno t430 java phone reboots when pairing with another bluetooth device…pliz help

  54. Christian Mbay says

    What can I do for gettin’ my phone better
    I’m really in need of it and all my penpals are searching for me and don’t keep asking whats wrong

  55. Christian Mbay says

    I gotta a big probs with my tecno A7 since I tried to put it on date thi,gs don’t go like before
    now don’t gonna do

  56. Godfred says

    Please when I get an incoming call my phone can pick up when I try to pick up it writes unfortunately the phone has stopped… And at the same time I can’t format…

  57. guti says

    well…i have tried this and tis not working on my Tecno Y5….so pissed right now #securityProtectionPin my a##

  58. zacchaeus edward edawrd says

    i cant remember the password for my tecno t341, please tell me how to hard reset it

  59. ossytutu says

    My tecno l6 is going crazy, it brings up stuffs like android system, system plugging, android patch, installs unwanted apps, and most times shuts down and restarts automatically,, ,,, tell me how to fix this bro. … .. thanks

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Try Formating your phone

  60. ALLAHNANAN says

    Thanks for helping me with is

  61. ALLAHNANAN says

    Thanks my brother Iam very happy god bless you

  62. cheche says

    how cn i reboot H3

  63. WATSON says

    My Tecno Y4 displays ‘privacy protection password’ how do I remove it, I forgot the password. I have tried the method above but it still displays the same after rebooting. Help me please

  64. prince says

    Comment…pls how do I off my tecno always restart

  65. Nicholas says

    My Tecno Y4 is asking for privacy protection password which I have forgotten. How do I go about it? Please Reply to email.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      You will need to format it

      1. Issaka Miko says

        please I need help, my tecno phantom z mini keep asking me to enter privacy protection password to unlock it after i change my simcard, which I dont know, and I do the factory rest several time but still it keeps asking me for privacy protection password, need help please!

      2. ELIUD says

        i have forgotten my password on tecno 420 phone how i can reset it


      Follow this tutorial:

      1st- Turn off your Y4
      2ND-Press And hold Volume up key for 2 Sec and Power button
      3- When you see android logo Realise Power key
      4-When you see android Factuar logo Realise volume up and press Power button
      5Use volume down to scroll down wipe/factuar reset and then press power button
      6-Volume down =Delete all yes
      7-Power bnuttton
      8-Power bottun to Boot
      9-Yes,Skip,Skip,Not thanks,Not now,Complete your Y4 For use.

  66. mpha says

    Comment…nothing changed it still shows privacy protection password needed

  67. Akulwa says

    I have tried the method but result is- no command.How do go about my phone tecno h7.

  68. sydney shinobi says

    my tecno y3 is locked and its asking me to enter the privacy password and i’ve tried everything including formatting it but nothing seems to work.what can I do?

  69. Adebayo Olukayode says

    my tecno r7 says “unfortunately core has stopped”….how do i resolve this,? is there any hope at all? cos ive tried ur formatting means and nothing seems to improve

    1. K C Sharma says

      my tecno r7 says while formatting it is stopped by mesage “unfortunately core has stopped”….how do i resolve this,? is there any hope at all?

  70. civer says

    how do resolve a problem with
    my tecno l6 which do not answer
    calls but always says

  71. mtambo says

    thank you

  72. duncan says

    how to reset my tecno p3
    a triangle appear with this mark inside it (!)

    1. laar james says

      power of phone and remove battery, wait for a minute before
      insert battery, press volume up and power key hold until a triangle appears
      then release both keys and press volume up key or volume down
      A menu appears
      use volume up and down as scrolling key
      power key as selecting
      scroll down to factory reset and press power.
      scroll agaim to wipe user data and press power key.
      now reboot

  73. Teddy Jackson says

    My tecno mobile L6 have a problem after playing with it more in the setting until people trying to call me but I can’t answer them back. I even formated the entire phone but still can’t work for me. So please help me solve this problem with the caller or dialer setting.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Try to put a new ROM

      1. Tolulope says

        Please! My tecno L6 gives problem, i can answer cant call and same time some applications appeared fron nowhere and my malfunction. I try to rest factory settings but still they re back there. How can i format my tecno L6 or how to stop those problems. Thanks

  74. jimbernardo says

    how do resolve a problem with my tecno l6 which do not answer calls but always says unfortunate

  75. james says

    I can c the factory menu on my p3 but the reset buttons r not working pliz help

  76. protyo says

    i removed battery from tecno H5 while restarting. after switching on it did Chinese
    after which cant go beyond Tecno icon . what should i do?

    1. DonCyber says

      you should try formatting the device

  77. John says

    My Tecno h6 displays ‘privacy protection password’ how do I remove it, I forgot the password. I have tried the method above but it still displays the same after rebooting. Help me please

  78. flackson says

    i have tried to do that but nothing have changed

  79. wilieysouls says

    how can i reboot tecno p3

    1. DonCyber says

      There is no auto reboot in Tecno P3… but you can do that manually by switching off the phone, then switching it on, back.

  80. cymon coopers says

    i have tried this method but my tecno m3 device is not responding plz help me out.

    1. DonCyber says

      Hi Cymon… what exactly happen to your M3?

  81. ray says

    i neeed ur reviews

    1. Admin says

      Review on what please?

      1. Timothy says

        Hello, my tecno y6 has failed to factory reset instead it just brings options that include fast boot, normal boot and recovery which all have failed. I really want my phone to get to normal again. I want to factory reset it…… What can I do now?

        1. Emmanuel says

          have u tried it this way, hold the volume key and power bottom I think from there u factory reset. my own issue with my Y6 is that when i ON my data my service bar will run to empty bar

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