How to Format Tecno Phones

Tecno have been one of the best Android phones presently in the market. It is the cheapest among the android cell phones you can see presently, Tecno is one of the best and is extremely competitive regarding the cost. When utilizing these astounding devices, we are sometimes prone to make some changes to them that if care is not taken properly, we end up losing the device. In the event that you have misused your phone and you have to reset or restore it to its factory settings, here is the trick on how you will be able to FORMAT Tecno android phones or how to RESET your Tecno without making use of a Computer. This tip is the simplest & straightforward way to go about the formatting.

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One of my siblings as of late purchased a Tecno device, while he was downloading numerous advantageous applications for the android phone, he chooses to protect his Tecno phone by locking it with an android application. So he downloaded the applications lock for android phones and installed it.

Abruptly he discovers that all his android applications has been locked also and his secret password is been rejected by the device. All exertions to amend this problem seem to be unsuccessful.

Another case like this one, I love privacy. I make use of the android maze lock. The next day I left the phone with a friend who I forgot to tell the demonstration of the maze. He tried and tried and tried but to no avail until my device got blocked and it was asking for an E-mail to utilize in confirming the password. Unfortunately my mobile was not data-active. I felt bad and decided to make some researches on how to  format a Tecno device, though I encountered many different solutions which refuses to work for me until I came across this that will eventually wok fine on almost all Android phones.

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So, How I Format Tecno Device Easily

How to Format Tecno Phones

When you have messed up with your Tecno device, you don’t have to take it to the Techy fellows to extort cash from you, all you need to do is this.

  •   Switch off the phone first.
  •   Press and hold the Power key and the Volume Up key in the meantime and it hold up until you see a Menu show up on the screen before you remove your hand from the two buttons.
  •   On the Menu, you will see a choice that shows DATA Wipe/factory RESET.
  •   Utilize the volume keys to scroll down and up, select the DATA Wipe/factory RESET with the Power key.
  •   An alternate Menu choice will show up and you will see an arrangement of NO’s arranged vertically so scroll down with the assistance of your volume key and select DELETE ALL USER DATA.
  • At that point utilize the Power key to select it and sit tight for the procedure to finalize.
  • When it is carried out, you will be taken to the first Menu then scroll to REBOOT PHONE NOW and utilize the Power Key to Select the choice and sit tight for your phone to REBOOT.

Congrats! Assuming that you take after these steps accurately, your Tecno android phone will now be restored to production line settings.

NB: Make comprehend these steps before going ahead to resetting your device. Additionally note that all your information will be gone.

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Sarah Nambela

Comment: My TECNO P701, is not working, it says for it to completely set up, I need to verify my google account, I have tried multiple times, but its not working. What do I do?


my techno wx3p i have rest it but it has failed tocome back to normal.It is showing checking network and below it,its showing Adding few finishing touches.This may take aminute or two.pliz help what can i do


Comment: Hi did wipe my data in techno w4 now can use my camera telling me to switch off all apps that use Flashlight or camera nd taking hours for it to on.

Simon Nyamwamu

Hey,i have been trying to format mt Tecno Camon x pro and its inbdication a no comand sign,how can you assist

hiba jamal

hi! my phone is stuck in factory mode the problem is that my volume bottons are not working so i can’t start it again , is there is any way i can get out of it with computer help . pls replay soon.

David Odhiambo

hi, after rebooting my Tecno WX3 it reaches a point in which i am told to connect to internet of which after connecting i don’t see any reaction what can i do please in orde to proceed

Sulaiman Kargbo

previosly i was not the one using my phantom 6 but immidiatly after i reboot my phone it start asking me for the last google account that use

Ibra Kitandwe

mine is showing no command and the process is not working for me


plz solve fastboot mood tecno wx4


Somebody Have Set a password in the internet of My W1 Techno Phone,
Now when i open, it always ask me for flushing But I Tried Till Nothing, So What Should I Do?


Hello i left my phone for some minutes to my friend, and he was surfing in the internet, so the phone right now is asking for the provision of google internet password, right now the phone is only accepting calls with a blue display on the screen (welcome) the phone is tecno w1
Please what should i do? Because i have even rejected flushing with the serial number (IMEI;35521208441729) VC;731582


after all the steps that end with reboot , it is asking me to sign in with google account that was previously synced on this device email address which I don’t have what do I do please?


Pls I tried formatting my phone using this logic but its not working for my techno h7.
Firstly the language that comes up is like Chinese.
Secondly it has been booting for like hours now.


Please my tecno wx3 has been flashed to it normal state what will I do.


How will I flash my phone tecno y8 plus, it has been switching off and switching off


pls any help about to restart factory data my tecno camon c7


Comment: I have tecno h3 refuse to show me wipe and factory data to farmat it . Please need guid to do it.


Comment:plus I tried formatting my fine with De steps u gave,when I used the volume button to click on wipe data it wrote no command..pls what can I do..


Comment: please after formatting my tecno y3 all I see is that I should enter a password for WiFi, am lost I don’t know what to do. pls help

Momo Karmo

There is a skip option at the top of your device, please make use of that option and there you go.

Philip Kosgei

Sometimes it needs google account plus the password so that you can log in to your account so don’t forget your email address.


new google account or it asks the recent one.because i forgot the account before and when i try the new one it refused


Hi. My tecnol5 has been hanging for hours now. Its just black tho its showing the notification bar. What do I do? I cant remove the battery because its inbuilt. Please help.