As expected, the game Fortnite won its fourth season for users of the iOS platform on Tuesday. The title received improvements in performance on devices equipped with the Apple operating system that have lower configurations.

Inside the game, it stands out the fall of a giant meteor on the map. The impact generated a new area, with the name of “Pedras Pulo”. All players who arrive nearby will feel the gravity being changed in order to change the gameplay. Check out the trailer below:

At the new “Filming – Part 1: Origin Story” event, gamers will need to investigate the meteor fall during the “Save the World” campaign. In addition, the interface also started to have a cleaner look.

Fortnite also won a new Battle Pass, with 100 categories of new rewards. The Free Pass has 54. Among the items are new emotes, skins, sprays, and v-bucks.

The fourth season of the Battle Royale title will run for 70 days. You can update the game on your iOS device via the link below.

Have you played Fortnite after the update to version 4.0? Tell us what you think of the changes.


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