Epic Games, the technology company behind Fortnite has made a new revelation about the game. The company says November 2018 will see new important Fortnite Mobile features that will further give facelift to players experience on smartphones and tablets. This announcement was made known on its State of Mobile Development platform.

Epic Games also revealed that it is beginning to give Fortnite Mobile players more control on their games display by allowing players to decide which elements are active and which should be dormant at any given moment during game play. They seem as well to be working on making more customizations to the HUD.

Epic games also want fans to realize that the game is soon to get testing on different controller set of connections. This appears to be necessitated to enable controller support for Fortnite Mobile. The developer has not, however mentioned a timeframe for the release of this feature. Also, fans are still not in the know about what kind of controllers will likely be brought for the game.

The developer as also made some interesting about high-end device that will receive 60 FPS functionality soon. However, the development is for a few or limited number devices. It appears that Epic Games is already testing some of these in a bid to ensure that they can attain and maintain a high level of performance over multiple trails without risking too of overheating.

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The P60 FPS update is not going to work on all mobile devices but the company has not come out to mention which devices will make use of the update. However, it is apparent that most high-end smartphones and tablets will be able to receive the updates.

It is also worthwhile to say that Epic games is not relenting in making sure that fans enjoy in the fullest sense when the make use of Fortnite Mobile. In view of this, the company is making sure that all smartphone owners can have Fortnite, and that they are doing their best to ensure improvements come across the board for Fortnite compatible devices.

There will be major improvements to Android 7 and some previous operating systems. The company is also trying to make sure that game comes less heavy on devices. This will also come to the shader cache system on iOS devices.

Fortnite Mobile players can get the best of it by updating their devices regularly.


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