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Screen Shot 2017 03 24 at 3.50.20 PM

The market for smartwatches have been rapidly growing this year alongside different smartwatches that have been released over the years by different watchmaking companies like Apple, Fitbit, Diesel, Garmin, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and so on. According to latest reports from International Data Corporation (IDC), the sales of smartwatches has undergone an unprecedented sale in the 2nd quarter of 2017, which is a clear sign that the wearable market is growing steadily.

Fossil which is a large watch conglomerate that includes other brands like Zodiac and Skagen. They also produce watches under license from brands like Burberry, Adidas, Michael Kors and Emporio Armani. Fossil Q Venture and Fossil Q Explorist was first unveiled in Baselworld at Basel, Switzerland earlier this year and then later in the IFA 2017 held this month.

The watches which have been slated to come out later this month on the 24th of September is currently available for pre-order on Fossil’s website. Fossil Q venture and Q Explorist are the first full round touchscreen smartwatch by the company since its inception of smartwatches. Although the former smartwatches like Fossil Q Marshal, Fossil Q Founder & Fossil Q Wander made by Fossil were round. But like the first millennium of round smartwatches, they all had a flat tire design.

On the other hand, the Q Venture and Q Explorist faces leave no space wasted as every inch of the screen display pixel can be touched. This is very useful when using the fully interactive Android wear watch face which defines the smartwatches. The smartwatches which were stated by Fossil to being the most svelte and slim wear from them till date is certainly true as the Q Venture is the most female-friendly fully featured smartwatch for now. Also, the AMOLED display is power preserving enough to be set to always stay on in both devices.

Fossil Q Explorist & Q Venture Smart Watches Watch Releases

The Fossil Q Venture comes in a curved  42mm casing which is more suited for slender wrist especially women than any of Fossil former smartwatches. It also features rose gold colours which are bling studded with leather straps and link bracelet options. While on the other hand, the Fossil Q Explorist has a 44mm in diameter case which is an improvement compared to the i45mm and 13.5mm thick Fossil Q Wander Predecessor.

A trend to reduce the size of smartwatches towards the female-focused Android wearable have been seen of recent. With smartwatch makers like Tory Burch, DKNY, Tag Heuer, Alpina and Marc Jacobs all looking to appeal to female customers with hybrid models. Only a few have come close to doing so which is why the Fossil Q Venture has to be reckoned with.

However, the Fossil Q Explorist which is more on of a male wearable has a 42mm and 12mm thick casing and a  vibrant male design with some noticeable feature on the casing with improved screen resolution.

Both devices are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100, Bluetooth & Wi-fi connectivity and 4GB internal storage with no NFC or LTE option Which is not surprising since the smartwatch is more of a stylish wearable than any other thing with options like smart notification and activity tracking still present.

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