Free apps for Android for a limited time on the Play Store

As every week we provide a list of free Android applications that are available in this way only for a specific time. All the apps we have chosen are available in the Play Store


As we did yesterday for the games, in this new release we have tried to have an important variety among free Android applications so that almost any user can find something that could be useful or, at least, gets their attention. By the way, if you decide to download some of these applications, you should know that you will have it already available without any cost for life in your Google account.

Free Android apps in the Google store

Without further ado, we leave you the list of apps that we have found interesting and that, due to the timing of the offers, we recommend that they are downloaded as soon as possible. These are the free applications for Android that we have chosen among the existing ones in Play Store:

Smart Wi-Fi Hotspot PRO

An app that offers advanced options to create a WiFi access point with the mobile device and, in this way, all those who see you can access the Internet if you allow them in.

App Features:

✔ One click for Wi-Fi tethering.
✔ Share internet connection(3G/4G) from your smartphone with any other computer(Windows, MAC OS, Linux), tablet, smartphone, Playstation, Xbox, Wii, Smart TV (Every WiFi device).
✔ Auto-turning on Mobile Data when switching on WiFi hotspot.
✔ Auto-turning off Mobile Data when switching off WiFi hotspot.
✔ Configurable WiFi network name (SSID).
✔ You can secure WiFi network with password protection.
✔ Auto-disabling WiFi and turning on Mobile Data after disconnected from the WiFi network if not connected to any WiFi network for 10 seconds.
✔ Starting background application automatically on boot.

Download Smart Wi-Fi Hotspot PRO

Fingerprint ScreenLock Pro

A free application for Android that allows you to run fingerprint reader options on the screen without having the built-in accessory. A possibility that is striking but that should not be thought that is completely safe to perform some actions.

You can unlock by password when you scan your fingerprints. The lock screen will more security when you set up the password.

This Fingerprints Lock screen application not really determined your fingerprints, it only simulates it and gives you an amazing experience.


  • Simulation lock screen Fingerprint
  • Fingerprints Scan machine with amazing graphics.

Download Fingerprint ScreenLock Pro

Crypto Helper

Am app that allows to easily add encryption in contents that are held in Android device. It is possible to use it in a unique way or as an additional element to the one that already exists in the archive, for example.

Current features:

  • A customized algorithm with the one-time pad layer
  • Custom key enhancing 512-bit hash making keys more secure with no possibility of collisions
  • Frequency analysis page that tells you how many of each character are used
    Optional “Noise injector” which injects random noise to further confuse attackers and defeat frequency analysis based attacks
  • An optional Hexadecimal encoder for forwards compatibility with characters not found on most keyboards (accents, emoji, etc)
    Random key generator

More features are in testing:

  • AES128 and AES256 layers
  • RSA and SSL based public key encryption
  • File and folder encryption
  • Key file support
  • NFC / Bluetooth key sharing
  • UI tweaks
  • Performance boosts just to see how fast and secure this can be made
  • Quantum computer proof layers for all future ciphers
  • Custom character tables
  • Data compression layer

Download Crypto Helper

Protect Note Pro

This is a free Android application that offers the possibility to create notes in a regular way and adds encryption so that anyone who does not know the password can not use it. A good option both in the personal and in the professional field.


  • easy to use,
  • all android devices support (optimized for smart phones and tablets),
  • user friendly interface,
  • intuitive user control,
  • minimalist design,
  • optimized for performance,
  • unlimited files can be protected,
  • very fast use.

Download Protect Note Pro


This app allows facial recognition processes to later find what is detected in options such as images. FastFace is a comprehensive facial recognition system capable of finding identical or similar persons. Based on advanced AI algorithms, Cydral Technology’s experts in machine learning created a smart and innovative search engine to enhance the user experience for people identifying.

Given a detected face extracted from a picture taken by a camera or loaded from a library and a set of public candidate faces to search with, the FastFace search engine finds a small set of faces that look most similar to the target face.
Additionally, and for each uploaded image, FastFace returns attributes such as the estimated age and the gender.

Unlike other face recognition technology, our FastFace system allows quick searches in big data sets. Our technology can work with any photographic database, current results though it uses public images on the Internet indexed by our specific crawlers.

Download FastFace

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