Fresh Job Openings For Computer Studies, Computer Engineering, IT, Business Management etc

There're new job openings for graduates of Computer Studies, Computer Engineering, IT, Business Management for our client organisation.


  1. Business Analyst
  2. Data Analyst
  3. System Analyst
  4. HR/Admin Mgr... etc

They are to apply to EpiConsultsNG immediately; it closes 23rd of May, 2017.

It includes:

  1. Finance Mgr
  2. Technical Assistant
  3. Project Coordinator
  4. Project Mgr

Interested applicants are to apply offline & online immediately with EpiConsultsNG

  1. Sales/Marketing Manager: N100k - N120k
  2. Accounts Assistant: N80k - N100k
  3. Personal Assistant: N100k - N120k
  4. Admin Mgr: N100k - N120
  5. Chief Accountant: N120 - N130
  6. Front Desk Officer: N65k - N75k
  7. Store/Inventory Officer: N80k - N100
  8. Customer Relations Officer: N70k - N80k
  9. Driver: N45k - N50k
  10. General Mgr: N150k - N180k

Interested applicants should contact EpiConsultsNG on [email protected] and 08056584596.

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