FTA Channels & Frequencies to track new 2018 on your Satellite Receiver

This post will provide a guide on how to track Free to Air channels with your FTA decoders using the frequency and symbol rates that will be provided here.

Note that some of the channels frequencies listed below are permanently FTA while others are Free temporarily.

Advantages of FTA (Channels and Receivers)

  • – They have a channel list of very entertaining and informative contents.
  • – You can watch various channels that’s show live sports games like soccer (EPL, La Liga, UEFA champion league), Movie, Fashion, News etc
  • – They can receive hundreds of local and foreign channels.
  • – They offer HD Picture quality.
  • – The installation of the free-to-air dish and decoder can be done easily by your local technician.
  • – The Dish and decoder frequency channel settings are easy to input.

Hardware Requirements for FTA

  1. Dish ( 90cm or 60cm)
  2. KU band LNB
  3. You will need Quality HD and MPEG 4 satellite receivers. Note that they are many fake FTA decoder in the market so ensure you buy from authorized dealers.

– Strong Receivers

– Alphabox Decoder – N8,000 – N10,000

– Qsat, Freesat, Viewsat etc N9,000 – N10,000

You can also contact an installer to purchase all the items listed above and also track and set up your free viewing.

Multiple satellites can be tracked using one dish thereby getting more FTA channels, this is done by using multiple LNB on one dish.

Updates of FTA Channels and How to Track Frequencies

Enter the following frequencies and symbol rate into your satellite receivers;

  1. New World Group from TOGO has Add Five (5) New channels,

(1) New World Info 2,

(2) New World Sport 2,

(3) New World Transnat,

(4) New World Muzik (Music),

(5) New World A12Tv

Freq. 12.562 smbl 30000 position Eutelsat16A @16E Beam Subsahara Africa Dish 60cm.

  1. Three new television channels broadcasting from West Africa nation of Ghana have resumed transmission on Multi TV position, Astra 2f @ 28.2 degrees East Ku band Africa beam with frequency 11635 V 30000. The channels include the following:
  • * The Great One TV
  • * Lion TV
  • * Vots TV
  1. 50 television channels owned by Nigeria based Play television package are free on Multi TV position, Astra 2f @ 28.2 degrees East Ku band Africa beam with frequency 12564 H 30000. Dish requirement is 60cm/90cm. The following channels are free presently:
  • * Color International
  • * Fashion Box
  • * KBS world
  • * Tribute TV
  • * Wap TV
  • * HEA
  • * Aljazeera
  • * DW TV
  • * TVC News
  • * Rishey TV
  • * 1Comedy
  • * FilmBox
  • * FB Art house
  • * Azurfa
  • * Yoruba TV
  • * Mount Zion TV
  • * Irawo TV
  • * 1Music
  • * Tiwa n Tiwa
  • * 360 TuneBox
  • * LTV
  • * Aforevo TV
  • * Fast n funBox
  • * Fight Box
  • * Game toon
  • * Fix n Foxi
  • * NTA
  • * Silverbird
  • * Dove TV
  • * TVC Entertainment
  • *  Docu Box
  • * X2D etc.4. TSTV Nigeria channels are still FTA


  1. all the channel listed above display nothing on Astra 2F @ 28.2 degree east on Multitv .how do we get thiese channels to watch.I am very keen on this topic and the solution I am most particular about Dove Tv ,Silver bird and X2D

  2. Thanks a lot, i very much interest in your update in the satellite world, let God continues blessing with more knowledge and prosperity

  3. Great day sir, I am pleased to be part of your your team. I have been going through articles which help me a lot as a satellite tv installer from Liberia. Sir, can you please help me in getting one of the best fta decoder that will enable me to receive Sport 24 hd in my region.

  4. Thanks for the great work you are really doing. I like free to air channels. Can I track these channels in sub Saharan Africa? Also, are there any FTA channels that can broadcast UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and EUROPA LEAGUE? THANKS.

  5. pls am having issues with tstv… tvc and some channels are not showing and am using strong HD decoder pls someone should help me.


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