FTS 17 First Touch Soccer 2017 Download Latest for Android Phone
FTS 17 First Touch Soccer 2017 Download Latest for Android Phone

First Touch Soccer 2017 is one of the most popular soccer game of all time. And when it was released, people’s interest in playing soccer was immensely has increased. More and more people wanted to play in Mobile and in Real. First Touch Soccer 2017 is still a very popular and favorite for those who love soccer games. And it is also the best offline Soccer game of 2017, many professional gamers have already declared it. To play it on your Android device, you just need 400MB to download its file and you can play it for free forever.

In this article, I’m going to provide you the download link of the Game name First Touch Soccer 2017 also known as FTS 17. Sadly, it’s no longer available on the Google Play Store to install. It has been replaced by the new FTS 19. Moreover, I will also guide you to get started with it right here on your Android phone. So, let’s start this article and let me first explain it.

What is First Touch Soccer 2017?

FTS 17 is a fantastic soccer game that was released in 2017. It allows Android users to play the match without an internet connection. Yes, you heard right it doesn’t require an Internet connection to play. In this game, you can select your team and set a match with other countries’ team to play the match. And the winner will get rewarded with expensive prizes in the game and rank will get boosted compared to other country teams.

In First Touch Soccer 2017, you can pretty much Customise your Country team. You can Customise things like Team Name, Team players, Kit, and even more, you can add your own custom logo. You can purchase new level Jersey using your earned coins in the Game. The best part of First Touch Soccer 2017 is you can even Customise your Team Stadium to best match and Jersey and players kit.

The graphics of FTS 17 is 3D and feels real but not like today’s generation games. Still, the game is perfect for everybody who likes playing Soccer so much.

System Requirement of First Touch Soccer 2017

Unlike other modern games, it doesn’t require high RAM capacity and Internal storage to properly run in Android phones. It can be run easily in any Low-end phone which has at least 1GB of RAM. Let me show you the actual requirement of FTS 17 so, you can identify the original system requirement of this game.

  • Storage: At least 600Mb to store the game files and save the cache while playing.
  • RAM: 1GB is enough.
  • Android Required: 4.1 and Up.

If your Android system meets the requirement of First Touch Soccer 2017 then you easily play the game on your Android without any lag and problem. Now, let me give you the download link of FTS 17.

Download First Touch Soccer 2017 Game Latest Version for AndroidFirst Touch Soccer 2017 Download

First Touch Soccer is no longer has been updated after 2017. The game has been patched with new build and released in the market with the Name First Touch Soccer 2018. But still, as an avid game, I store my favorite game in my 2TB Hard Disk. And I’m going to provide you the download link of it. I’m providing you the download link of working FTS 17, I have just tested it in my own Android, and its running fully fine.

Before you give you the download link of First Touch Soccer 2017, you need to know its full file information which will help in downloading it correctly. Below is the original file information of FTS 17.

File Information:

  • Name: FTS 17 (First Touch Soccer 2017)
  • Apk Size: 60.9Mb
  • OBB File Size: 217Mb
  • Version: Not defined
  • Game Type: Sports
  • Publisher: First Touch
  • Android Required: 4.1 and up
  • Last Updated: 2017

Make sure you remember the file size and name of the game. Because you will need to verify it when your browser delivers to you a notification to accept the downloading. Doing this will ensure you will be far away from becoming the victim of an app promotion. Below is the safe download link of First Touch Soccer 2017. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the Mediafire website. And from there you can download it in one click.

Download FTS 17 Apk + OBB

How To Download First Touch Soccer Apk and OBB File On Your Android Phone?

There is a possibility that your browser may block the download buttons placed above. But you don’t have to worry because I’m going to provide you with steps to download the game. Here it is:

  1. First, download the Apk + OBB here.
  2. Once you tap on any link above, you will see a get the link button. I added this to secretly share it with you.
  3. Just get through it and download it as you normally download from Mediafire.

The downloading steps are way simple but don’t take it for granted do dumb things while downloading the file. Because chances it becomes complex for you to download the files. To make it easier for you, let me provide you some tips to get the file on your Android safely.

Keep in Mind These Important Points While and Before Downloading FTS 17 on Your Android Phone

  • Don’t do any Task in the Background when you Download the First Touch Soccer Apk and OBB Data. Downloading any File in a Good way requires full attention. This means you just have to wait and focus on the Process of Downloading, nothing else. And if you do multi-tasking, downloading may get wrong. Listening to Music in the Background is also a Multi-tasking. So, be aware of that if you want to download the Apk in a Healthy condition.
  • Use Google Chrome Browser for Downloading. The browser is your Weapon and when it gets junky, the downloading and surfing get worse even you use Good Internet connection. These days good Browsers are grossly underestimated! Android Users are so fancy today they use cool and good Looking Browser not a strong and stable Browser. And that’s why many of them face issues related to downloading, Surfing, and Watching activity. To be strong online, you need a good and strong Android Browser like Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC Browser, etc.
  • Have free Storage space in your Android Phone at least 600MB. Peoples complain that they got corrupted Apk files after downloading. But the Case is they didn’t have enough storage space in their phone for that Apk file which results in half file download. And half downloading means corrupted Apk file. Also, when storage space is low for the file but somehow you downloaded it fully and in the end, the Apk installation didn’t happen well. What happens here is, your Android phone has the storage for Downloading the Apk file but when you try to install it, space starts running out. When you install any Apk, it needs free space more than its file size and when your phone didn’t have the spaces, Apk installation goes wrong.
  • Make sure you have stable and fast Internet Connection access in your Android Phone. A Good Internet connection means stable and decent Downloading speed at least 300Kbps. Speed is important because MediaFire sends downloading particles to Users and when the speed gets low, the chances of File escaping increases which result in half file Downloading. Similarly, when the stability of the Internet connection gets wrong or unstable, the chances of file corruption increases. Both are super important to Download the file correctly.

Follow these important points to correctly download the FTS 17 Apk and OBB file. Now, assuming you have got both files on your Android. Let me show you how you can install and place an OBB file to run the game without any error.

How to Install First Touch Soccer 2017 on Android Phone?Install FTS 17

Here are the easy steps to install and place OBB File in Android phone:

  1. First, open the file manager and go the download folder.
  2. Click on the FTS 17 Apk to open the installer.
  3. Press Next… Next, until the Install button appears and then press on it.
  4. Wait for it to completely get installed on your Android and after press Done to exit the Installer.
  5. Now, lets set up an OBB file… first install Zarchiver on your Android using Google Play Store.
  6. Open it up and go to the download folder and extract the Obb file.
  7. Once extraction is done, move the extracted folder to Android>obb.
  8. Start the game and enjoy.

That’s how you can install and start playing FTS 17 on your Android phone. Now, I think I have provided enough guide on FTS 17. Let me show you some screenshots of it.


FTS 17

FTS 17 FTS 17 FTS 17


If you love Soccer game so much then you should definitely give a try to First Touch Soccer 2017. It’s old now but it’s one of the best soccer offline games for Android of all time. You will get the real experience of soccer in the game. The game allows users to change team, jersey, kit, Name of team, Logo. You can create your own team in the game and take a match with other countries’ team.

Hopefully, you liked this article on FTS 17? If yes, sharing it with your friends will be a favor to us. Also, comment below if you have any questions related to this article. I will try to answer it. For now, I will see you in the next one.

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