FTS 20 First Touch Soccer 2020 APKOBB Data for Android
FTS 20 First Touch Soccer 2020 APKOBB Data for Android

First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk + Obb Data download links are available in this article. And you are going to download it today. And let me one thing clear to you, all the links are working and tested before implementing. So, the First Touch Soccer 2020 is not an unknown game for most of us. We all know that it is one of the latest soccer games that available free for everyone to play on Android. And just like any other soccer game, it has its own features and quality.

Basically, we are going to cover every aspect of the game on this article and you will also get the downloading link of the FTS 20. Once you reach the end of this article, reading through, you will get clear about everything related to the game. Without further due, let’s get straight to it.

About First Touch Soccer 2020 Android Game

First Touch Soccer 2020 is one of the high-quality soccer games that released for Android and has been played and loved by many. And there’s nothing much changed in FTS 20 than it was in FTS 19 except the graphics quality and few controls. There are a bunch of new controls is added which makes the game easy to play and especially for kicking the ball. Also, the FTS 20 size has been reduced because of data compression meanwhile you will need to spend less Internet data than you needed to spend for FTS 19. Later in this article, you will be able to know the file size of FTS 20.

Changes are also has made on Logo and banner. You will see the stars who recently have raised their title in the soccer game like Messi. You are also going to hear a new soundtrack while playing the game. And it sounds very entertaining and sometimes funny. No doubt that the level of difficulty has increased and you will face challenges in the game especially while trying to score goals.

So, these are some changes that have been made in the new FTS 20. Now, let me first provide you the download link of FTS 20, and then I will guide you to get started with the game on your Android.

Download First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk+Obb Data Latest Version For AndroidFTS 20 Download

The First Touch Soccer 2020 that we are going to provide is the latest version but you may see a notification in the game to download the new patch. Well, you will not struggle in updating it, it will take 10-20 secs to get updated under the game, and then you will need to restart it to apply the new changes. The files (Apk+Obb) are uploaded on the encrypted server of Mediafire where chances of file corrupt and virus are rare.

Before giving the download links to you, let me first give the file information of First Touch Soccer 2020. So, you will be secure from being fooled by such browsers.

File Information:

  • Name: FTS 20 (First Touch Soccer 2020)
  • File Size: 265.9Mb (Apk+Obb)
  • Version: Latest patch
  • Game Type: Sports
  • Publisher: First Touch
  • Android Required: 4.1 and up
  • Last Updated: 2019

Make sure to keep in mind the name and size of the First Touch Soccer 2020 game. To download the file correctly, you will need to verify it once your Browser request to accept the file downloading. The most browser shows the name and file size in the notification tab, and you just need to match the name and size from the above information. And if it’s the same as listed above then you can resume downloading. Below is the working download link, just tap on it and you will be redirected to Mediafire website where the FTS 20 is hosted.

First Touch Soccer 2020 MOD Apk+OBB+Data (FTS 2020)

FTS 2020 Apk Download Download FTS 2020 OBB

First Touch Soccer 2020 DATA — Download

How To Download First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk + OBB File On Your Android Phone?

We have tried to make the downloading of FTS 20 very easy. But chances it may not work for everyone. Because some users may be still using a browser that only supports texts and basic HTML on sites. And this will prevent the above download button from appearing. To help you out in such a situation, here is the step by step process to download FTS 20 Apk+Obb on Android:

  1. First, click the download button to download the Apk+Obb in Zip file format.
  2. Once you tap on the green download button, the file server will throw the FTS 20 Zip file to your Browser.
  3. Just verify it if it’s real or Not and then accept the downloading.
  4. Wait for it completely get downloaded and You are done.

That’s the simple process to download First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk+Obb data on your Android phone. Now, there are a few points that you should absolutely follow to download it safely on your device. Below are some worthful tips for downloading FTS 20 on Android without getting any error.

Remember These Points While And Before Downloading FTS 20 On Your Android Device

  • Have free Storage space in your Android Phone at least 400MB. Peoples complain that they got corrupted Apk files after downloading. But the Case is they didn’t have enough storage space in their phone for that Apk file which results in half file download. And half downloading means corrupted Apk file. Also, when storage space is low for the file but somehow you downloaded it fully and in the end, the Apk installation didn’t happen well. What happens here is, your Android phone has the storage for Downloading the Apk file but when you try to install it, space starts running out. When you install any Apk, it needs free space more than its file size and when your phone didn’t have the spaces, Apk installation goes wrong.
  • Don’t do any Task in the Background while Downloading the First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk + OBB Data. Downloading any File in a Good way requires full attention. This means you just have to wait and focus on the Process of Downloading, nothing else. And if you do multi-tasking, downloading may get wrong. Listening to Music in the Background is also a Multi-tasking. So, be aware of that if you want to download the Apk in a Healthy condition.
  • Use Google Chrome Browser for Downloading. The browser is your Weapon and when it get junky, the downloading and surfing get worse even you use Good Internet connection. These days good Browsers are grossly underestimated! Android Users are so fancy today they use cool and good Looking Browser not a strong and stable Browser. And that’s why many of them face issues related to downloading, Surfing, and Watching activity. To be strong online, you need a good and strong Android Browser like Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC Browser, etc.
  • Make sure you have stable and fast Internet Connection access in your Android Phone. A Good Internet connection means stable and decent Downloading speed at least 150Kbps. Speed is important because MediaFire sends downloading particles to Users and when the speed gets low, the chances of File escaping increases which results in half file Downloading. Similarly, when the stability of the Internet connection gets wrong or unstable, the chances of file corruption increases. Both are super important to Download the file correctly.

If you follow the above tips very carefully then you will definitely be able to download FTS 20 on your Device without getting any error. Now, let me show you how you can install and start playing the game right now on your device.

How To Install First Touch Soccer 2020 On your Android Phone?Install FTS 20 on Android

Installing First Touch Soccer 2020 is not as easy as installing apps and games from the Google Play Store. It requires a bunch of steps that should go done right in order to run in Android. Well, you don’t have to worry much about that because I will guide you through steps that are way easy. So, here are the steps to Install FTS 20 on any Android Phone correctly:

  1. First and Foremost, Download and install ZArchiver. It will help to extract the Zip file of FTS 20.
  2. Now, open it up and browse to reach the Download folder of the browser you used to download the game file.
  3. Tap on the Game Zip file and select Extract here (You can extract it anywhere you want).
  4. Now, press on the Apk to open the install. Press Next…Next, until it gets replaced by the Install button.
  5. Then press on Install and wait for it to get installed. After, press Done to close the installer.
  6. Go back to the folder and Move Data and Obb folder to Internal/SD > Android.
  7. Now, open your app drawer, and locate the game, tap on it to launch the game.
  8. That’s it. Enjoy.

These are the basic steps to install the FTS 20 game on your Android. Make sure you place the Data and OBB folder in the right storage. If you have inserted an SD card on your device then move the folders to SD>Android, not in Internal>Android. So, as of now, I have shown you almost everything you need to get started with the Game. Its time to show you Gameplay Screenshot of FTS 20.



First Touch Soccer 2020 Android game is really entertaining and you will really be going to like it if you are a big fan of the soccer game. The graphics quality in the game is great, it feels like I’m playing in real. And if you want to play it on your phone then you just need to follow the processes I have written above. From downloading to installing, you will not face any issue if you follow the above steps carefully.

Hopefully, you liked this article on First Touch Soccer 2020? If so, I appreciate if you just share this article with your friends and let them know that FTS 20 download link is available here.

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