how to fund swisscoin payment methods
how to fund swisscoin payment methods

Hello everyone, welcome to another epic episode of the Swisscoin crypto currency, which has been trending on the internet for the past few months.  Swisscoin was pre launched on May 2016, and launched live on July 4, 2016 in Switzerland. Within this short period, close to a million people have joined and thousands are still registering daily.


For the sake of those hearing about Swisscoin for the first time, I advise you check our previous post titled “Swisscoin Review: What’s it about, and how to make money from it” where we talk more about the Swisscoin as a better alternative to Bitcoin crypto currency.

However, many that have already joined the moving train of future millionaires not because of the FREE 100 coin, have been putting up questions; After signing up for Swisscoin, what next? How do I purchase Swisscoin packs?… Stay calm! 🙂 We know frustrating funding Swisscoin account can to some people and that is why we have put up this article as we promised. We are here to give you in-depth details of how to fund Swisscoin account.

Why Should I Fund My SwissCoin Account Now?

Funding your Swisscoin account now is the smartest thing to do after registering an account with Swisscoin. First thing you will benefit from this is your 100 free coin will be added to your other coins as soon as your token starts the mining just when the Split Indicator reaches 100%, your tokens will also be doubled before entered into mining phase, which is the most lucrative aspect of Swisscoin.

Let’s take for instance: you invest €100, you get 1000 tokens. Then after the Split Indicator reaches 100%, your token will double-up and you get 2000 tokens automatically. Therefore, when those tokens go into mining process, you get 2000 coins, which translate to €2000+ when the coin is valued as €1 each just from investing €100. Imagine if you invested more.


Oooops! What about our FREE 100 coins? Okay add it together and do the mathematics yourself. Remember to leave the answer in the comment box. 🙂

For those too scared to invest much in this, trust me you may try this with just €25.

How To Fund Swisscoin Account (E-wallet) & Purchase Swisscoin Packs?

You can get a package only when you have funds in your E-wallet account. I will show you how to do this in some simple steps.

==> Sign in to your Swisscoin Back Office dashboard.

==> Locate “Shop” on the left sidebar as seen in the image below. Click on it.


==> After clicking on the Shop menu, under the drop down click “Buying packs“.


==> Choose the pack you want to buy and add it to you cart.



==> Click “Checkout“.



==> Choose your preferred payment option.


==> Confirm and fill in the necessary detail and precede payment.

After completing this step, your E-wallet will be funded with the exact amount you select. Then you can proceed to buy the pack you want.

Remember, once the split indicator reaches 100%, your token would be doubled. You can always withdraw 60% after splits and the remaining 40% can be traded for more. On every split, your coins would be ready for mining.

If you have any question(s), I will be here to guide you during the registration process and even after it.

So what are you waiting for?

Have you joined Swisscoin? If you have any questions concerning Swisscoin, simply mention it in the comments.

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  1. Hi Friend, kindly help,I registered and purchased coins in 2017,,and was sent a confirmatory mail ,,However I haven’t logged in yet because I lost email to haclers,but I now recovered my mail but I can’t log into my Swiss coin account.
    Any way to help?

  2. Is it necessary to purchase the education pack ?
    I guess we can also directly purchase swisscoins on & start trading
    Whats the advantage of buying an education pack over directly owning the swisscoins

  3. Please am a starter in the investment of cryptocurrencies and I want to start with swisscoin so I don’t have Bitcoin. I also don’t have the other means of checking out. So my question is “is cash allowed or can I pay using my visa card”?

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