Teclast TBook 11 specifications and price

Teclast TBook 11 Tablet Specifications, Review, Features and Price

We think that there is an unusual increase in the rise of Dual-boot tablets. Or maybe just Teclast has decided to focus on those...
Asus Zenfone 4 Max has a 5.5 inch display

Asus Zenfone 4 Max Unveiled: Specifications, Review, Features and Price

After releasing devices like the Zenfone Max 3 which came with upgrades like the Max, Zoom and Laser, Asus is here again. The phone...
KingWear KW88 review

KingWear KW88 Smartwatch Review, Specification And Price

KINGWEAR KW88 REVIEW As we have known KingWear to be a smartwatch manufacturer with style and class, we bring to you another smartwatch off their...
KingWear GV68 review

KingWear GV68: The trendy and affordable smartwatch

KingWear GV68 Review KingWear is a three-year-old China-based company with a focus on production of smart wearable devices, home devices, industry-specific intelligence equipment and other...

10 iPhone earphones tricks you probably didn’t know

The iPhone, iPad and iPod earphones have held the​ spot as one of the best out-of-the-box earphones in the market for a couple of...
Apple Watch detects heart problem

Apple Watch detects a Heart Attack with 97 percent accuracy

Apple Watch detects heart attack with 97 percent accuracy The Apple Watch since inception and launch has been on a long stretch of live saving...
Apple Watch Series 2 review

⌚Apple Watch Series 2 Review: The Smartwatch King!

Apple Watch Series 2 Review The Apple Watch Series 2 is a perfectly designed and premium looking smartwatch​. And just like how every other devices...
OUKITEL A18 smartband

OUKITEL A18 Smartband Review: An affordable smartwatch alternative

OUKITEL A18 Smartband Review The wearable technology has witnessed a massive upsurge and wide acceptance over the past 5 years. Smartwatches are now almost everywhere. And give...

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