galaxy a21 scaled
galaxy a21 scaled

I personally like Samsung’s A range. In fact, a few years ago I bought two different editions of the A5 that continue to work in the hands of the people to whom I offered them. Now this range is much bigger because it resulted in a kind of merger between the A range and the J range. Having said that, we have equipment for all tastes and portfolios. After speaking in the Leak of the Galaxy A41 in the last few days, today we came across another model that we didn’t know much about yet. I speak of the Galaxy A21.

Galaxy A21: four cameras and AMOLED screen for around 200 Euros

This smartphone, which must be in the 200 Euro segment, appeared on the Internet for the first time, thanks to renderings that show the alleged front and rear. At the front, we have a large screen surrounded by frames that are not that thin, especially at the bottom. Then we have a hole in the screen, located at the top left. That’s where the front camera is.

However, this screen must bet on AMOLED technology but on HD + resolution. Considering that we are talking about a device, as I mentioned, around 200 Euros, it is perfectly understood and it is already excellent to be able to have an AMOLED screen.

At the rear, the rectangle for the cameras that the manufacturers are accustoming us to disappears. Thus, we have a more traditional system with four sensors aligned vertically. The specifications are unknown at this time. However, there is another detail that is less and less common in today’s devices. I speak of the fingerprint sensor. Of course, with an AMOLED panel, it could even be integrated into the screen itself. Still, it would greatly increase the cost of this device, down to the level of repair, by making the panel more expensive.

Finally, we were able to see the headphone output and another port, possibly a USB Type-C. The Galaxy S21 must bet on an Exynos 7904 chip, 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage.

The battery is 4000 mAh.

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