Galaxy F will be a real top of the range, here are some technical specifications!

These are interesting days for Samsung's first folding smartphone. Galaxy F is revealing in several respects, even for the technical data sheet.

Just a few days ago we received the news that Samsung is preparing the presentation event to unveil Galaxy F to the public. The first mainstream folding smartphone has been awaited for many years and some considerations have been made at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The considerations were all very positive, there are those who even remained speechless having it and trying for a few minutes. Until now, however, placing it in a market segment made no sense, partly because the characteristics were definitely shrouded in mystery.

Today new considerations come to this effect with a Chinese organ that usually certifies some devices having to do with electromagnetic frequencies. In the document released appears an unpublished terminal both for nomenclature and for product code: SM-F9000! The final letter/number is missing, but the number 0 may well identify the Chinese region. We report it because the F indicates the region Europe, the U indicates the United States of America and the A is generally Asia.

In addition to this information, the frequencies to which the product will hang and the details accompanying the report are reported.

There is the talk of a single version with 512 GB of non-expandable internal storage and the SoC chosen will be the Snapdragon 855. There is no sign of Exynos, which may suggest that the terminal will initially arrive in the US and in a few other markets. The display should be a 7.3-inch Oled technology from fully open and about 4.7 inches when closed. The interesting thing is that the user interface will adapt automatically according to the position in which it will be, assuming the smartphone or tablet view.

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We know that the costs to produce this new type of terminals will be different from those of the classic smartphone but it seems that Samsung, to compensate, wants to offer the best technology related to performance available at the time. We refer to this because internal sources say that for now around 1 million units have been counted, in order to evaluate the market reaction. Finally, the terminal would have space to insert a battery of about 6000 mAh.

The presentation was decided for February 20 and we also expect an official price list that, if there are no surprises, will be around $ 1700.

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