galaxy fold dispaly issue 696x639
galaxy fold dispaly issue 696x639

Galaxy Fold is not the toughest smartphone in the world. Its specificities do not allow it, much less its construction. The iFixit team has already made the classic teardown to Samsung’s foldable smartphone, and gave it a 2 out of 10 ratings on its repair fee.

This is the second teardown made to Galaxy Fold. After the problems, this analysis shows us again why had Samsung to delay the launch of the long-awaited device. This is very fragile, particularly in its folding zone.

Image: iFixit

The analysis reveals a sturdy but quite vulnerable folding mechanism. It is very easy to get dirt in this area, which in more or less time can affect the space between the fold and its plastic OLED screen.

The Galaxy Fold main screen is quite fragile

In the end, iFixit draws several conclusions. The mechanics of the folding zone can cause problems with folding and the screen itself. This will create a need for a replacement. In addition, the main screen proves to be quite fragile and perishable from having to be replaced after a short time.

Image: iFixit

Replacing the battery proves to be a pointed case. Although it is possible, a replacement may affect the display brackets. In addition, the fact that we have glass in front and back, with covers almost nonexistent on the market, will make its owners want to walk with this one in a vial.

Image: iFixit

The test ends up saying that many of the components are modular, which facilitates their replacement. Still, I gave it a quote of 2/10, which was more than expected on a device with these characteristics. Samsung has a lot to work on before it reaches the hands of consumers.

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