Galaxy Note 8 is receiving the update with Super Slow Motion and AR Emoji


Samsung launched two top of the range this year, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9. Two of the new camera features touted during the Galaxy S9 announcement were Super Slow Motion and AR Emoji. Later, the Seoul giant said that even the Galaxy Note 9 would arrive with the same specs.

In the past few hours, it has been announced that the Galaxy Note 8 is receiving the security update for September in some markets: the update would also include the Super Slow-Motion and AR Emoji features.

Super Slow Motion on the Galaxy S9 allows the user to record  0.2 seconds of video with 960 fps at 720p in auto mode or 0.4 seconds of video with 480fps at 720p in manual mode.

Super Slow Motion on the Galaxy Note 9, however, means that the user can record 0.4 seconds of video with 960 fps at 720p. AR Emoji is instead what Samsung offers with the Animoji Apple: the user can get an avatar of himself from a selfie.

The XDA developer forum then confirmed that the features are present on the Galaxy Note 8, but it is not yet possible to know the exact details of Super Slow Motion: therefore it is not yet clear what the framerate or resolution is.

A post appeared on the Reddit platform reports that the update is already being distributed in France: a user claims that the video is 720p and that "seems to be the same as the Samsung Galaxy S9". No details of the arrival of the update in other countries were disclosed.

If the Super Slow that comes with the Galaxy Note 8 is comparable to the same feature of the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9 is not yet known. However, it is already possible to confirm that the build number listed in the screenshot published on the Reddit thread is relevant since the update appeared on Samsung servers.

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