Galaxy Note 8 not registered on the network? Here is how to fix. Not registered on the network? What do you need to do with the Galaxy Note 8? The Galaxy Note 8 was released a few weeks ago, and some users have already complained about the annoying problem, not registered on the network.

Today I decided to help you solve the problem of the Galaxy Note 8 not registered on the network. This type of error occurs almost with all Android devices. The unregistered error on the network on the Galaxy Note 8 mostly shows up when you try to call someone or try to use the Internet.

If this error occurs, the SIM card can no longer be used. So, below we are going to give you some advice to help you solve the Galaxy Note 8 error not registered on the network.  Before proceeding with the procedure, start by doing something very simple. Try changing the SIM with that of your friend or relative.

If the problem still shows, it means that it is a problem with your phone. Or have you cut your SIM? Did you cut it well, of the right size? If we go ahead and see what to do with the Galaxy Note 8. Not registered on the network!

Galaxy Note 8 not registered on the network | How to fix

Isn’t it that you haven’t inserted the SIM in the right way on your Galaxy Note 8? Have you tried removing the SIM for about ten seconds? Now how are you working out? Don’t worry there are two other procedures below that can help you solve the problem of the Galaxy Note 8 not registered on the network!

If it didn’t work with your phone try this method:

  • First of all, go to the Settings section on your Android device. Then, go to the “mobile networks” option and go to “SIM cards“.
  • In some devices, the “cellular networks” option does not exist, then you must go to the “Additional settings” section.
  • Then, switch to the “mobile networks” option.
  • Here, tap on “Network Operators“.
  • After completing the search, select your appropriate mobile operator.
  • The mobile operator is to choose the company of the SIM card services, such as Vodafone, Tim, Wind, etc


  1. Open your phone’s main menu and find the settings
  2. Go to Settings and find Device Information.
  3. Tap on About the device you will see the number of options, select Reset.
  4. In the Restore menu, locate Reset Network Settings.
  5. Tap on them and authorize them to reset the network settings of your Galaxy Note 8.
  6. Once done. Restart the phone.

Last available option, go to “mobile networks”, change the “Network Mode” to “WCDMA only”. You could try installing a custom ROM, but with the various procedures you need to install a ROM on your Galaxy Note 8, you lose the warranty.

So if you have tried them all, you just need to take your device to a service center.

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