Samsung Galaxy Note 9 render
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 render

It was commented a few days ago that the launch of Fortnite on Android would be through an agreement with the Galaxy Note 9. It seems that this is confirmed, because the high-end device of the Korean firm may be launched soon. It shows that Samsung will give users to reserve the $ 150 Fortnite in-game currency.

Galaxy Note 9 bookings come with $ 150 in Fortnite money

It is an association with which both parties seek to enhance the launch of the game, in addition to generating a lot of interest towards the phone of the Korean brand. Everyone wins.

Galaxy Note 9 + Fortnite

This way, if you book the Galaxy Note 9, something that will be possible in about 10 days if all goes well, you will take 15,000 V-Bucks in Fortnite. It is a good incentive to start playing the popular title of Epic Games, which users are looking forward to on Android. It is not yet known how long this union between both parties will last.

Because there are media that point out that it could be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 for about 4 months. A risky bet and that could cause users to lose interest in Fortnite. But this has not been confirmed yet.

Whatever your strategy, it is clear that Samsung and Epic Games have joined forces and promise to generate a lot of attention towards this game and phone. We will see if your strategy goes well and get the sales you expect because it is a risky strategy.

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